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Clonus, spasm
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The treatment depends on the die Basic disease causing convulsions. At Convulsions it is not a disease but a symptom that can be treated in most cases. But that is also important triggering cause to diagnose, otherwise cramp-like symptoms can return. Muscle spasms can in the long term through the Administration of magnesium (e.g. preparations from Biolectra) can be alleviated or even treated completely. In most cases, one simply tries magnesium therapy without doing a blood test. If the cramp-like complaints disappear after the regular administration of minerals, one knows that there must have been a deficiency in the relevant substance.

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Spasmodic complaints of the gastrointestinal tract can be symptomatic with Buscopan® Buscopan®be treated. It is important to note that with a so-called "acute abdomen", Which is accompanied by severe pain and a hard stomach, no buscopan may be given. The active ingredient in Buscopan Butylscopolamine is said to reduce cramps in the gastrointestinal tract of the uterus and the urinary organs. Treatment of Menstrual pain can mostly with Ibuprofen be treated.

Therapy of neurological spasms

Neurological seizures when the diagnosis has been made, with what are known as Anti-epileptic drugs treated. These include: Carbamazepine, Chloral hydrate, clonazepam, ethosuximide, lamotrigine, potassium bromide and many more. All of these active ingredients have in common that they are the Convulsive threshold up and a seizure is unlikely. At the beginning of anti-epileptic therapy, you have to feel more or less about the adequate dose before you can maintain it for a few years. Whether one then reduces the therapy again or even one Elimination attempt undertakes, depends among other things on whether the convulsive disorder developed at a young age or in older years, whether it was the first seizure was, or whether there were already several. At a first seizure at a young age, an attempt can be made to reduce the drug after a few months of treatment and even stop it at some point. Then it must be observed whether it is without therapy to no seizure comes. In this case, treatment can be discontinued. The likelihood that you will be able to stop taking medication at a young age after a single cramp is very high. In contrast, a history of multiple seizures in an elderly patient is indicative of the anti-epileptic therapy continued should be.

Therapy of three-month colic

In the Three-month colic of newborns can be tried with fennel or Anise teas to produce a symptom-relieving effect. Abdominal massages clockwise with caraway seed oil should also provide relief. It is important to note that the children do not get any flatulent foods to eat, as this would in any case worsen the painful situation. The Treatment of three-month colic takes place purely symptomatic. As soon as the intestinal passages and movements of the intestine are regulated with advancing age, the symptoms disappear.

Alternative medical treatment for convulsions

Before resorting to medical means of treatment, you can first try a treatment warmth Companies. In many cases, putting on a hot water bottle alleviates the tendency to cramp. You can also try the Drinking teas to alleviate the spasmodic symptoms. Mainly teas come with the active ingredients peppermint, Caraway seed, anise or fennel for use. Hormone-related cycle-dependent menstrual pain can use alternative medicine Agnus castus (Chaste tree) be treated. The treatment of neurological spasms should under no circumstances be based on alternative medicine.