Homeopathics for coughs

Homeopathics made from medicinal herbs

Cough has many causes, so every remedy choice is a thorough one survey (anamnese) ahead of the patient.

The following questions are important: Why does the patient cough / When the patient coughs, triggerwhat improves and what makes the symptoms worse / Art of cough and accompanying circumstances.

Dry cough

In the case of a dry cough in connection with a flu-like (feverish) infection that starts quickly, one thinks first of all of aconite and belladonna.

- aconite

Cold infection after exposure to a cold east wind, short and dry cough, whistling noises when inhaling, hot and dry skin, face red when lying down, pale when sitting up. The symptoms worsen at night (around midnight) and in the cold.

- Belladonna

Sudden onset, skin red and wet with sweat, large pupils, wants to stay warm despite sweating, throbbing pulse (especially on the neck), severe thirst. The mucous membrane of the throat is bright red, throat irritation emanating from the throat, dry, cramp-like. The vibrations when coughing make headaches worse, for example. Belladonna is generally sensitive to vibrations.

Talking a lot makes the urge to cough worse. All ailments worsen in the cold and at night.

- Bryonia

The infection does not start very stormy but develops slowly. Here the dry cough triggers sharp pains in the chest, which are aggravated by deep inhalation, the urge to cough is aggravated when staying in warm rooms.

Dry cough which then migrates to the bronchi

Initially a dry cough, later the infection migrates from the nasopharynx to the bronchi, then also coughs with small amounts of sputum

- Sticta pulmonaria

Dry mucous membranes in the nasopharynx, agonizing, dry, barking, irritable cough, later little expectoration. Feeling bruised. Bryonia is also thought of when it comes to chronic bronchitis in older people combined with a dry cough. The symptoms worsen at night, lying down and in cold air.

Spasmodic and irritable cough

- Drosera

Dry cough, coughing fits in quick succession, making it difficult to breathe, shortness of breath, red head. The patient may try to relieve nausea and stabbing pain in the chest with counter pressure. The coughing fits worsen at night, also from talking a lot and in a warm room. You will get better outside in the cool and fresh air. In general, the patients appear depressed.

- Ipecacuanha

Spasmodic cough with a feeling of suffocation, coarse rattling in the bronchi, but cough hardly productive, mucus very thick. Inclination to vomit when coughing, exhausted and exhausted. Hoarseness to voicelessness. The cough becomes worse with exercise and drinking cold beverages.

Cough with sputum

- Pulsatilla

In the morning a lot of sputum that can be coughed up easily, with a bad taste in the mouth. In the evening and at night the cough is dry and spasmodic. The patients are cold, but still cannot tolerate warmth. The coughing fits worsen in the warm room. Older patients often involuntarily leak some urine during the coughing fit. Symptoms improve with some exercise and outdoors. Pulsatilla requires a prescription up to and including D3

- potassium iodatum

There is plenty of purulent-greenish mucus in the bronchi, rattling noises, coughing up the mucus is difficult. Shooting pain between the shoulder blades. Coughing gets better outdoors in the fresh air, gets worse at night, due to damp, wet weather, but also due to warm clothing and overheated rooms.

- Hydrastis canadensis

The remedy is indicated when thick, stringy mucus or yellowish sputum is difficult to cough up. There is a tendency to form canker sores (small, extremely painful, inflamed ulcers) on the oral mucosa. Constant clearing of throat, rough, hard cough. Hydrastis is the right remedy even if the cough lasts for a long time and threatens to become chronic. Hydrastis requires a prescription up to and including D3.

Chronic cough

With chronic cough, phlegm can be coughed up easily

- Stannum metallicum

Large bubble rattling noises on the lungs. Abundant yellowish, sweet and bad tasting sputum, can be coughed up easily. Patients feel weak and exhausted; any exertion triggers coughing fits that can last for a long time. Patients sweat significantly at night. Sensitivity to the touch, chest tightness. In general, existing pain is relieved by counter pressure.

With chronic cough, phlegm is difficult to cough up

- Hepar sulfuris

Hard, pawing cough with little sputum; existing mucus is difficult to loosen. Coughing fits are often triggered by cold, dry air. The remedy can also help with pseudo croup as soon as the accompanying circumstances suit. Patients are overly sensitive to touch and pain. All complaints are worse at night from cold air and cold drinks. Relief from moist air after sweating.

- Ammonium carbonicum

Dry, irritating cough, starting from the larynx. Cold sweat, back pain. Sciatic pain worsened when coughing and sneezing. The cough is worse at night, sputum not very slimy, bad tasting. Patients are generally exhausted, dull, and palpitations with the slightest effort. Symptoms generally worse at night, in warm rooms, in cold, wet weather.