Homeopathics after surgery as an accompanying therapy

After awakening from anesthesia, when the patient suffers from nausea

Nux vomica / nugget

Patients with impaired liver function may experience prolonged nausea after awakening from anesthesia.

Nux vomica can be used for:

  • People with a hectic lifestyle
  • Irritant abuse in the evening before bed
  • Morning sickness and vomiting
  • Feeling of fullness, gas after eating
  • Liver swelling and tension pain in the liver area after too much alcohol
  • Bad sleep, early awakening, often fatigue and headache
  • Patients with a quick temper
  • Worsening symptoms early in the morning from overeating and irritants

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Colchicum / Herbstzeitlose

The remedy is particularly suitable if:

  • even the smell of food causes vomiting
  • there is also stomach pain
  • Great weakness, dry mucous membranes in the mouth, much thirst added
  • the symptoms are aggravated by the smell of food, by touch, by cold or by movement and relieved by warmth and rest

The drug is only available on prescription at including D3.

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Arnica / Bergwohlverleih

As soon as a feeling of bruisedness occurs in all the limbs, arnica can be treated according to Nux vomica or Colchicum.

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Rhus toxicodendron / poison sumac

Rhus toxicodendron / poison sumac can be used in patients who experience great restlessness after the operation. Triggers are pain in the back, especially in the lumbar region, also neck stiffness when resting and when lying down for a long time. The patient wants to change his position and has a considerable urge to move. He is anxious and can appear confused. All ailments get worse with rest, the pain relieves with movement.

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After cranial operations

Helleborus niger / Christmas rose

The remedy has a general relationship with the skull and brain. The patients for whom the remedy is suitable are nervous, later also apathetic and dizzy. You have a general tendency towards poor circulation. You suffer from drooling, nausea, and vomiting.

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Avoidance of bleeding after operations

Phosphorus / Yellow Phosphorus

Phosphorus / Yellow Phosphorus can be used if

  • there is an increased tendency to bleed before the operation
  • even small wounds bleed profusely
  • a little blood is always mixed in when you blow your nose
  • bleeding gums often occur
  • bruises appear with minor impacts
  • For patients who are nervous, overexcitable, anxious and startled

Typical of the patients in whom Phosphorus can be used is the burning character of all pains and the general tendency to bleed, as well as the aggravation of the symptomsa in the evening, at night and from cold. In addition, the patients are very restless, cannot sit or stand for a moment, do not want to be alone and are afraid of it.

Phosphorus / Gelber Phosphor requires a prescription up to and including D3.

Crotalus horridus / forest rattlesnake

Crotalus horridus / forest rattlesnake is suitable for patients who:

  • always an increased tendency to bleed
  • Inflammation of the veins and thrombosis
  • Tendency to circulatory weakness with collapse


For pain after an operation

Staphisagria / Stephanskraut

Staphisagria / St. Stephen's herb can be used when the pain is felt like sore and after smooth cuts.

It is also suitable for very moody patients with an irritable mood who are shy of people and easily offended. Staphisagria / St. Stephen's herb is also useful if the symptoms worsen due to anger, grief and early in the morning after getting up.

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Homeopathics to accompany eye surgery

Zincum / Metallic zinc

Especially with significant light sensitivity after eye operations, when the patient sees flashes of light or colored halos around light sources can be used.

Senega / rattlesnake root

Senega has a special effect on the mucous membranes of the eyes. If the conjunctiva secrete copious amounts of mucus, Senega / rattlesnake root can be used. After cataract operations, Senega promotes healing.

When the bowel function is impaired after operations

Opium / Opium Poppy

Opium / opium poppy can be used if:

  • After operations the intestinal function is impaired up to intestinal paralysis
  • Cramps and tremors in the muscles of the arms and legs occur
  • dry oral mucosa occurs after initial salivation

Plumbum aceticum / lead sugar

Plumbum aceticum / lead sugar can be used if:

  • Abdominal cramps occur
  • the belly is arched inward
  • There is a futile urge to empty
  • the abdominal wall is hard and very sensitive to touch

Plumbum aceticum / lead sugar is suitable for patients in whom the cramps are relieved by writhing and in whom all complaints are aggravated at night and by cold.

After kidney stone and bladder operations

Petroselinum / curled leaf parsley

Petroselinum / Curled leaf parsley is used when the urge to urinate suddenly becomes heavy and frequent. Even if pain occurs in the urethra up to the mouth and the pain also has a burning character.

As soon as there is an increased need to urinate and the risk of infection after bladder surgery

Staphisagria / Stefanskraut

Staphisagria / Stefanskraut has a relationship with the mucous membranes of the sexual and urinary organs and can be used in women who are sexually irritable or who complain of itching of the vagina. The remedy is suitable for irritable and moody patients who are shy and easily offended.

In the patients for whom the remedy is suitable, all complaints are exacerbated by anger and grief. Even in the morning after getting up, everything is worse.

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Arnica / Bergwohlverleih

Arnica / Bergwohlverleih can be used for patients whose symptoms are aggravated by any movement and vibration as soon as bruised pain in the muscles occurs after an operation.