German term

Johannis herbs


Hypericum can be used externally as a wound remedy and has healing properties on skin that has been damaged by exposure to light.

Use of Hypericum for the following diseases in homeopathy

  • skin diseases caused by light
  • depressions
  • States after concussion
  • Bruised nerves

Use of Hypericum for the following symptoms / complaints

  • Nerve pain and nerve bruises after injuries and operations
  • Functional (not triggered by external events) depression
  • depressive states concussion
  • Calcification of the cerebral vessels

Active organs

  • Central nervesystem (especially psychological centers)
  • annoy
  • skin

Usual dosage

Common doses / uses in homeopathy:

  • Tablets Hypericum D2, D3, D4
  • Drops of Hypericum D2, D3, D4
  • Ampoules Hypericum D4, D6