Fitness level in handball


In addition to good technique, player personality and tactical elements, fitness is one of the cornerstones of athletic performance in handball. The condition is characterized by endurance, strength, speed and flexibility. The latter two are also part of the coordination. In addition, the condition often occurs in a mixed form. A sprinter needs not only quick strength at the start, but also quick endurance to keep the loss of speed low. Rowers ex. Need strength endurance to produce an effective row stroke for as long as possible. The individual conditional skills are again structured hierarchically. You can find out more about this topic under fitness.

The fitness training in handball

The handball-specific fitness training is based on the load norms of handball games. What many handball coaches always propagate that solid stamina serves as a basic skill for handball is simply wrong. This only justifies the monotonous endurance training in handball training.

To perseverance

Endurance is considered to be the resistance to fatigue Musculature with loads. Handball is played over 60 minutes, but the endurance ability plays a subordinate role, as it is not a pure endurance exercise over this period of time. Also the Speed ​​endurance Doesn't matter at all as the playing field is way too short. The endurance can only be justified by the fact that regeneration takes place faster after general sporting loads and can be designed more intensively during training. However, a monotonous endurance run is not part of a handball training course.


The targeted one Strength training can in Handball can be used preventively and rehabilitatively against muscular imbalances. Especially those Back muscles suffers from one-sided burden of throwing. A well educated one Leg muscles has a joint stabilizing effect. Strength training for technique optimization must train specifically for the sport. Throw different balls to create different arm accelerations. From a handball-specific perspective, strength training focuses on maximum strength training and high-speed strength training, and reactive strength training (low jumps) for jumping improvement. However, rapid strength and reactive strength should only be used in doses.


The speed is by far the most important conditioning ability in handball. The handball game is also characterized by sprinting over a distance of about 25m and less. With these loads, the energy is usually generated by Kreatinpphosphates (KrP) and anaerobic alactic acid supply of energy through glucose. Exactly these fast (Counterattack) Movements determine the game for the conditional requirement profile. The loads should always be linked to the requirements of the handball game. Trainers and trainers should ensure that the loads are conveyed in the form of games. The focus is on motivation.