Conservative therapy of hallux valgus

Basically there are those here conservative treatment, on the other hand the operative therapy of hallux valgus.

Conservative therapy

Conservative therapy of hallux valgus:
This Contents of the treatment of hallux valgus can be carried out by both the orthopedic surgeon and the family doctor.
Since a number of causal factors influence the forefoot deformity, the prospects of conservative therapy for hallux valgus in terms of a cure are very slim; this "disease" can only progress be temporarily stopped or slowed down.
So far is one conservative treatment only promising in early stages in mild cases and thus in younger patients. However, it is also carried out on older patients who cannot or do not want to have an operation performed.

1. Footwear:
The patients with a Hallux valgus should wear shoes with sufficient toe space and flat heels, especially for long walks or sporting activities, but also for long periods of standing or walking. High-heeled, pointed shoes and shoes that are tight in the forefoot area are contraindicated.

2. Self-activity:
The toe exercises learned from the physiotherapist should also be performed at home for long-term therapy. Regular splay exercises of the big toe can positively influence the muscular imbalance. “Walking barefoot” with Hallux Valgus can also help if the floor is suitable and the changes are not too severe and painful.

3. Shoe supply:
The hallux valgus with arched splayfoot should relieve pressure on the ball of the big toe by z. B. experience lateral expansion of the shoe upper leather. Continue to have insoles With retrocapital support (Support behind the heads of the metatarsals) proven effective.
Pressure-relieving foam pads can also reduce the discomfort caused by hallux valgus on the ball of the foot. If already a significant one due to the advanced disease arthrosis in the Big toe joint has been added, a Hallux rigidus - Inlay, a ball roll with a stiffened sole that takes over the rolling of the forefoot - an inlay with a so-called Rigidus spring - alleviate these complaints.
If an operation or supply with ready-made shoes is no longer possible, custom-made shoes can also be used orthopedic shoes with all correction mechanisms at one Hallux valgus be prescribed.

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Foot treatment

The Hallux valgus - night splintthat is placed between the 1st and 2nd toe like a piece of foam or felt can limit the progression of the deformity. Otherwise, however, this treatment with night splint is reserved for the patient after an appropriate operation; here the effectiveness in terms of prophylaxis is considerably higher.
Inflammation of the ball of the foot, e.g. B. in a bursitis (bursitis) over the bulging metatarsal head z. B. with anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac ect., poultices are treated locally with Rivanol or Polividon iodine.