Introduction and definition

Ulcogant is a drug that protects the mucous membrane and is used, for example, for stomach ulcers.

An ulcer in the stomach or duodenum can cause severe pain.

More precisely, an ulcer is a defect in the skin that can reach into deep layers. In some cases, this skin lesion can even be so deep that the wall breaks through and the stomach or intestinal contents are emptied into the abdominal cavity (perforated gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer).

The main reason for the development of an ulcer is increased gastric acid production. This is where the Ulcogant agent comes into play.

Ulcogant contains the active substance sucralfate. Sucralfate forms a protective layer over the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. The applied protective layer can prevent damage as a prophylactic measure. In the case of existing gastrointestinal damage, it can also prevent the damage from worsening.


The active ingredient of the ulcogant, the Sucralfate, is a complex compound which at acidic pH takes effect.

Acid pH is predominantly in stomach in front. The gastric acid creates a pH of 1.0-1.5. Due to the acid present, sucralfate forms a jelly-like structure that protects the Mucous membrane lays. In addition, the suclafat triggers the formation of products such as Prostaglandins, Bicarbonate and Mucins out. All three resulting products work Increasing pH and thus counteracts the acidic stomach environment.

field of use

Ulcogant® can be used both for prophylaxis and for therapy.

Prophylactically there may be one Duodenal and Stomach ulcer prevent or delay.

The main areas of application of the ulcogant are ulcers in the area of Stomach and des Duodenum. Inflammation of the esophagus, due backflowing stomach acid (reflux) is also part of the field of application. It should be noted that Ulcogant® can be used both in an early stage and in a late stage.

However, this should be excluded before application bacteria (such as Helicobacter pylori) or malignant ulcers exist.

Dosage form

Ulcogant® is a prescription Drug.

Ulcogant® is in Tablet form and as bag or as a suspension. As a tablet, the Ulcogant® contains 1 gram of sucralfate. The 250ml suspension contains 200 milligrams of sucralfate.

Application and dosage

Tablets and suspension are applied and dosed in the same way.

Do they suffer from one Duodenal ulcer so take it 4 times on the day Ulcogant®. This can be done with 4x1 sachets / tablet or 2x2 sachets / tablet.

At Stomach ulcer and Reflux related inflammation of the esophagus (Reflux esophagitis) 4 x 1 sachets / tablet per day are recommended.

Take Ulcogant® prophylaxis of recurrent ulcers (relapse prophylaxis) you should take 2x1 sachets / tablet a day.

A ulcer should be finished within 4-6 weeks by taking Ulcogant®. If there is no improvement after this time, you should consult your doctor. Under certain circumstances, the treatment can be extended to up to 12 weeks.

Reflux esophagitis should 6-12 weeks treated with Ulcogant®.

If Ulcogant® becomes prophylaxis it can be used over a period of 6-12 months be taken.

Take Ulcogant® therapy 4 sachets / tablets are taken every day. These are distributed over the day as follows:
1 sachet / tablet is taken before the three meals of the day. The 4th content of the bag is consumed shortly before going to bed.

In the Relapse prevention are taken 2 sachets / tablets per day. Here, 1 sachet / tablet is taken after getting up and the second sachet before going to bed.

Ulcogant® should if possible empty stomachl be taken.

Side effects

Taking Ulcogant® can Constipation cause.

Occasional side effects can occur diarrhea, nausea or Dry mouth be.

In rare cases Ulcogant® can dizziness, Bloating, skin rash, itching but also Stomach stones to lead. Should side effects occur, you are advised to inform a doctor.


Ulcogant® can be used with certain Medication lead to their effect being weakened.

Drugs affected are mostly certain Antibiotics, Phentytoin, Sulpiride and the Cardiac glycoside Digoxin.

Other drugs that are weakened are acid blockers like Cimetidine and Ranitidine, as well as certain funds Fungal infections, Biliary drugs and the Thyroid hormone Levothyroxine. With these drugs, Ulcogant® leads through the educated Protective film to a decreased intake of the respective substances.