Cost of the Lasik surgery


Lasik is a surgical therapy option to treat ametropia. It is the most common procedure to use a laser to correct ametropia. The Lasik operation can be performed with different methods and equipment. With the help of a laser, this ametropia can be corrected, which can make wearing glasses or contact lenses superfluous.

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In recent years, the practice of Lasik surgery has spread and developed in many different locations around the world. This also means that the cost of the procedure has decreased significantly over time. The amount of the costs also depends on the individual provider. There are large regional and national cost differences. In general, facilities in metropolitan areas tend to be cheaper than facilities in locations where there are fewer opportunities to have a Lasik operation. In addition to private providers, Lasik operations are also performed at some university clinics, for example.


It is not possible to specify a generally applicable price, as this depends on several factors. In this way, the provider who performs the operation, the individual medical history and the type of implementation can influence the individual costs of the operation.

The costs for the Lasik in Germany are around 2000 euros per eye, whereby, as has already been said above, this is subject to a large range of fluctuation. You can ask for up to around 5000 euros or only around 1000 euros for one eye at the Lasik. The prices for a Lasik operation are often lower abroad, however, sufficient experience and adequate standards should be ensured.

The legal Health insurance companies currently do not cover the cost of a Lasik.

Since both eyes are usually affected by ametropia and are therefore also operated on, the costs are usually double that amount. Most providers who perform Lasik surgery allow you to have one Financing plan with the help of which the costs incurred can be paid off. In any case, the costs should be explained in an individual conversation.

In addition to the cost of the surgery you can also still additional costs attack. So are certain Additional examinations recommended before performing the Lasik surgery. Care should be taken to ensure that these examinations are included in the stated price. This includes, for example Eye pressure measurement as well as the Measurement of the corneal thickness.

One should also not forget Traveling expensescaused by the distance of the clinic from the place of residence. This is particularly important when performing the operation abroad. Since clarification discussions have to take place in addition to the actual operation, a single visit is usually not enough. Depending on how far away the facility is, there may be a high amount of travel expenses.


Depending on the individual provider, the services that are carried out differ Lasik surgery. Always in the stated cost Consultations included before the surgery as well as the surgery itself.
Care should be taken that too Follow-up costs (Complications) that may arise are included in the total price if possible. Also Checkupsthat may be necessary should be included in the total price indicated. In some cases, guarantees are also given for the operation carried out.
Before each operation is carried out, it should be clear which individual services are included in the costs and which costs may still arise. It is worth asking carefully so that there are no nasty surprises after the operation has been carried out.

Health insurance

Since a Lasik operation is not a medically necessary procedure, the costs are usually covered by the statutory health insurances not taken over or subsidized. Whether the costs are covered by private insurance or subsidized in an individual case should be discussed directly with the respective insurance company.

This is different for operations that have to be carried out using the same technique, but for different reasons. This is how an ametropia caused by a Scar of the cornea is taken over by the health insurance companies. However, a pure ametropia can work well with or with glasses contact lenses corrected, which is why performing the operation is not absolutely necessary and is therefore to be borne by yourself.

Lasik surgery abroad

In recent years there have been more and more offers to undergo a Lasik operation abroad. The stated costs for a Lasik operation carried out abroad can be significantly below the average costs of the operation in Germany. However, it should be noted that, in addition to the costs of the operation itself, high travel costs may arise.
It must also be noted that a single visit to the clinic is usually not possible and not recommended. At least one consultation and clarification should take place before the operation. To make sure that it is a serious offer, it is advisable to read experience reports or to visit the facility yourself. Particular attention should be paid to the hygienic conditions be respected. It is urgently advisable not to undergo an operation in one place if there is the feeling that you have not been sufficiently informed about the operation and its consequences or if there are doubts about the seriousness of the offer.


Despite the advancement of surgical techniques, it is a Lasik surgery about one surgical interventionwhich cannot be carried out without risks. Before a Lasik operation is considered, the alternatives should be examined in general. These days, ametropia can very well with Glasses and contact lenses Getting corrected. Another advantage over an operation are the costs incurred with the existing alternatives. The production of glasses usually costs significantly less than performing a Lasik operation on both eyes. Only when the alternatives of a Lasik operation as well as their advantages and disadvantages have been adequately examined, a Lasik operation can be recommended.