Weight training at home


Every year around half of Germans plan to do more sport. Nevertheless, most of them cannot keep their good intentions or overcome their weaker self to actually go to the gym more often. In addition to exhaustion from everyday life, the high membership fees and, especially for more corpulent people, the fear of embarrassing themselves are a common reason to skip the training. Efficient strength training can also be carried out at home. Only a few pieces of equipment, such as a couple of dumbbells, are required. Sometimes you can even train completely with your own body weight and a few everyday objects (tables, chairs, water bottles). However, it is important to create a consistent plan for strength training and to stick to it if possible. The so-called Blackroll can also be used for strength training at home.

Basics of strength training

Many beginners equate strength training with bodybuilding. However, this is not true. Weight training is one Training method, with the different goals can be achieved. In strength training it is primarily about and Strength development and improvement, often in combination with others sports. The Bodybuilding is in a sense its own sport and has to Aim to aesthetically (maximally) increase muscle mass.
force is defined biologically Ability to overcome resistance through the muscles or to counteract them. This force is of course always dependent on various factors. Belong to them Age, gender, nutritional status, training status, muscle structure and also biomechanical conditions (e.g. leverage). Even with the greatest effort, we never all will muscle fibers at the same time, but only approximately two thirds of the fibers. There is also a good reason for this: the remaining muscle strength remains as Reserve for emergency situations receive. Hence, people in Extreme situations often have significantly more power show than would be the case in normal training.
This muscle power is used in three types divided into:

  1. Maximum force, the greatest possible force that the athlete can use against resistance
  2. Speed ​​power, the power with which we can set our own body, body parts or devices in motion at high speed
  3. Strength endurance, the resistance to fatigue during long-term or repetitive loads.

Suitable for

Weight training at home is basically suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Instructions for strength exercises can be found in both women's and men's magazines. Most of the time, these exercise suggestions address people who want to be fit and do not want to invest a lot of effort and money. For many, however, it is not just the health aspect that is in the foreground when training.
Most of them are interested in an external improvement, defined proportions and visible muscles. People who are motivated mainly by exercising in a group or with a trainer may have difficulty persevering in training. You may find it a little harder to find your way to training alone in your own four walls. But here, too, either virtual trainers from the Internet or self-organized sports meetings can help.

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Basic information

When it comes to strength training at home, lay people primarily think of exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. However, that is far from all. There are many complex exercises with free dumbbells or without aids that address and shape several muscle groups. Most experts recommend exercises that require a large part of the muscles, especially if you have a limited time budget. This makes strength training more efficient and also burns more calories while doing the exercises. Of course, you can shape individual muscle groups with strength training at home, just like in the gym. This can then be done primarily through dumbbell exercises.

In addition, the training should have high-intensity workouts rather than many repetitive, low-intensity exercises. This promotes muscle building better and at the same time stimulates the circulation. The strength training should be modified again and again and increase slowly. This is the only way to give the muscles a new growth stimulus and you don't lose the fun of sport so quickly.
In addition to strength training, endurance exercises such as jogging and cycling are also very useful. They can do without an expensive gym or trainer and are also good for the psyche because they take place in the fresh air. Finally, despite all the ambition, one should not forget the important breaks. The body needs enough regeneration time to replenish the muscles' energy stores and to continue building up the muscles.

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A clear advantage is that the exercises without classic strength equipment in the gym represent a much better coordination training. In the fitness studio, for example, the butterfly only allows one movement in a certain direction on a certain axis. Because these given movements are often very unnatural, they bring a higher risk of injury and less flexible strength, as is required in everyday life.

Of course, free weight training or training without aids is not free from the risk of injury. The movement to be carried out should first be carried out precisely with a low load until it is precisely controlled. Only then is it possible to use heavier weights and resistances. At the same time, this form of training also teaches you better balance and coordination skills. In addition, beginners in particular can better listen to their own bodies and not only orientate themselves to the given difficulty levels in the gym. A big plus for many is the money saved. You don't need a personal trainer to train at home, you don't pay membership fees and you don't even need to buy sports equipment. You also save a lot of time: you don't have to go to the gym, change your clothes there, you may also wait until the equipment you want is free and you don't have to pay attention to course dates or opening times.
Many exercises can also be performed almost anywhere, whether at home in the living room, when traveling in a hotel, in good weather in the park or even in the office. Sport is no longer tied to a specific location. Especially corpulent people will feel much more comfortable in their own four walls. It may also be an obstacle for them to walk through the studio in a somewhat unfavorable training suit or to embarrass themselves if an exercise is not mastered.

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Weight training and weight loss

Leave at home at the beginning of strength training visible results are often a long time coming. This is especially true for athletes with one high body fat percentage. It is also entirely possible that initially a weight gain takes place. It's not because that Strength training does not work, but on Building the muscles. Muscles are heavier than adipose tissue and therefore often relativize the amount of body fat that has actually already been lost. Don't let that discourage you. Most of them are newly acquired muscles are initially invisiblebecause the percentage of body fat is still too high. In this case, for example, the athlete has already trained well Abdominal muscle, but this is not as Six pack to recognize that there is still too much belly fat.

If you want to lose weight with strength training, you should not limit your exercises to the supposed "problem areas". For example, if you want a six-pack, you have to reduce total body fat percentage and not just steadily Sit ups do. Unfortunately, it is not possible to specifically remove fat tissue from certain parts of the body. That's why weight training at home should be geared towards losing weight, especially when you want to lose weight directed entire body be. The advantage of the increased muscles through the training is that Muscles consume more energy than fat tissue even when at rest. So it will also be the Total calorie expenditure changed for the better. A is also suitable for losing weight high intensity training betterbecause it boosts your metabolism better than low-intensity exercise.

Weight training and proper nutrition

As with strength training in the gym, the same applies to nutrition Muscle buildingthat enough proteins and a certain excess calories must be present. Who, however want to lose weight, should take in fewer calories than they burn, and strive for a negative energy balance. It makes sense to calculate the daily calorie requirement in advance. Athletes should be able to Do without ready-made foods. They are often hidden sugar traps. When you cook yourself, you also get a better overview of what you eat and how the food is composed. You learn to eat more consciously.

The calorie count should evenly on the three Basic nutrients proteins, fats and carbohydrates be distributed. Also are Vitamins and minerals important for a healthy body. However, opinions about the correct number of meals vary widely. Some experts say that you should only eat every five hours, so in total Three meals. Others see it as more sensible to eat every three hours and therefore every day five meals to have. Everyone agrees on one principle: you should every day enough liquid, preferably in the form of water or unsweetened tea.

To lose weight, the so-called Avoid eating frustration become. If you really feel the need to eat something in between, you should not use sweets but something healthy. For example, cut into strips is also suitable Vegetables with curd dip very good for "nibbling". A final principle is: don't go hungry. Of course you take it with you radical diets initially something off. But it is not about fatty tissuehow you actually want to break it down in strength training, but rather around Water and muscle mass.

Motivational tips

First of all, you shouldn't step on the scales all the time and at every opportunity. This is especially true for people who want to lose a lot of weight through weight training at home. But you should also be advanced physical well-being does not depend on the scales do. The same goes for the mirror. Anyone looking for training success in the mirror every day can quickly become frustrated. A clothing is a better reference point. With effective strength training you will soon notice that the trouser button is easier to close or that the sleeves are better filled after building up muscles.

It also motivates many, at regular intervals Photos of the training successes close. Another common problem is that own excuses for exercising. If one day, contrary to good intentions, you did not stick to the plan, it will not be easier to stick to it in the future either. Because the excuses that have been brought forward will usually still apply the next day. Therefore, one should try at home before weight training shield all possible distractionsto be targeted time for yourself to take and do other things later.

Another tip is to his Writing down goals and above all the excuses, preferably every day before training. So over time you can get the typical excuses under control and invalidate them. The hardest step for most is the first step: that Pick up for training. But once this has been overcome, the rest, i.e. the actual training, is easy to manage. Much also depends on that inner attitude together. With a little practice, you can make strength training at home something positive. You begin to have fun with new exercises, listen to music that you like, and maybe even when the weather is good training outside, focusing on how to slowly get better. Then it won't be difficult to stay on the ball.

Strength training should also be done at home firmly planned into the daily routine become. With the setting "let's see when it fits" you quickly have a good excuse ready again. Finally, you shouldn't be discouraged by the current situation, but always to motivate what you want to achieve and how you want to look.