Forestier's disease

In Forestier's disease, the vertebral bodies change.

Forestier's disease is a disease that is associated with a abnormal changes in the vertebral bodies goes hand in hand. The disease occurs predominantly in the elderly on and is common with metabolic diseases like Diabetes mellitus associated. The majority of those affected are male.


Forestier's disease will too "diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis" called, which means as much as "increased, distributed ossification of the Spine for unknown reason ". As the name suggests, this is The cause is definitely unknown.

In every human being, the spine consists of vertebral bodies, so bonethat about small Joints are movably connected to one another. They sit between the bones Band washersthat a certain Suspension and damping along the vertebrae grant. In Forestier's disease, however, the front of the spine, especially at the level of the Chest- and Lumbar vertebrae increasingly ossified throughout. One also speaks of one "frosting" ossificationbecause the spine im X-ray image looks like icing has been poured over from the front. This ossification can cause the spine to expand only move less and the damping decreases.

Although no real cause the disease is known, but an above-average number of patients with metabolic disease are like gout or Diabetes mellitus also suffered from Forestier's disease.

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The complaints that patients with Forestier's disease have are differently pronounced, however, pain is common and can be of considerable magnitude.
The pain usually occurs at the level of the affected vertebrae on, occasionally there is also irritation from the Spinal cord emerging nerve roots. This can then also cause pain in the arms, legs and the shoulder lead, very similar to one disc prolapse. Some patients, on the other hand, have no pain at all and the disease is only detected by chance. There is also one Restriction of movement due to the ossification of the spine.


Since the symptoms of Forestier's disease anything but clear Forestier's disease must also be suspected further diagnostic measures to be hit. On the one hand, a Blood test other rheumatological diseases can be excluded as the cause of the complaints. In addition, the X-rayed spine become. In the case of Forestier's disease, the see bony changes.
Other degenerative but age-related changes the vertebral bodies can also be seen in the X-ray image. Even this normal wear and tear can significant complaints cause without Forestier's disease.

Especially with complaints that radiate into the arms or legs, one should also neurological examination be performed. That is, it will be Sensation and flexibility as well as reflexes the affected areas examined. In order to rule out a herniated disc, which can cause similar complaints, a MRI to make the spine.


If you at Forestier's disease Of course, it is very important to know what you suffer from positive course of the disease can be.

Since the cause of Forestier's disease is unknown, there is also one causal treatment not possible. So you have to limit yourself to alleviating the symptoms as much as possible. This is relatively easy to do in the case of pain Painkiller possible. Typically will Ibuprofen or Paracetamol used. However, especially when taken for a long time also a stomach protection be taken as these pain relievers tend to attack the lining of the stomach.
In addition, a local injection with cortisone or Local anesthetics, local anesthetics, help relieve the pain in the short term.

In addition to the drug procedure, there is also one Strengthening the back muscles in Forestier's disease, as in all Back pain, very helpful. For one thing, there is physical therapy but also targeted strength training, for example useful in special back courses. Strong Back muscles can support the spine very effectively and thus avoid bad posture.


If you have not yet had Forestier's disease and want to ensure that it stays that way, you should know that now no known direct trigger are.
However increase Metabolic disease the risk of developing Forestier's disease. Hence, you should avoid taking it gout and Diabetes mellitus to get sick. In short, that's one healthy eating with relatively little red meat (i.e. beef and pork) is important. You should take precautions against diabetes in particular avoid large amounts of sugar.
Also one Increase in blood fat levels is a risk factor. From the age of 35, for example, you can have this checked every two years in the preventive health check-up at your doctor's "Check-Up 35".The statutory health insurance companies also bear the costs. If your blood lipid levels are high, you can also seek advice from your family doctor as to whether he or she has a Diet or medication thinks it makes sense.


As a systemic disease, Forestier's disease can affect the entire body. One symptom when the cervical spine is affected is dysphagia, i.e. difficulty swallowing.

Forestier's disease should also be considered as a differential diagnosis in elderly patients who have difficulty swallowing. An inspection of the throat and then an X-ray swallow examination with contrast agent serve as a targeted examination. Constrictions in the esophagus (the gullet) can then be found in the X-ray image.

Disease what? Other diseases that cause similar complaints

In addition to Forestier's disease (named after a French doctor), there is another disease that too similar complaints leads, namely the ankylosing spondylitis, also known as ankylosing spondylitis. Here, too, stiffening occurs in the area of ​​the Chest- and Lumbar vertebrae on. In contrast to Forestier's disease, however, these are the Levels of inflammation in the blood usually increased. Normally the symptoms begin in ankylosing spondylitis Pelvic area. The ossification of the two diseases can also be distinguished in the X-ray image.