Side effects of Beloc zok

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  • Metoprolol
  • Beloc
  • Beta blockers

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  • Belok zok
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Side effects

Beta blockers such as Beloc zok® can make your heartbeat too slow (Bradycardia, negative chronotropic) to lead. You can also slow down the conduction of arousal (negative dromotropic, AV block) and reduce the impact force (negative inotropic).

Beloc zok® can by blocking other ß-receptors a Asthma attack trigger, especially if you already have asthma. The ß2 receptors in the liver can also be blocked. This can be done especially with Diabetics be important, because the receptor blockade inhibits the dissolution of the sugar store glycogen in the liver (Glycogenolysis). Diabetic with insulin or Sulfonylureas are treated, therefore have an increased risk of Hypoglycaemia (Hypoglycemia). This can be intensified by using beta blockers to additionally suppress important warnings of hypoglycaemia. Warning signs of hypoglycaemia include a fast heartbeat (Tachycardia), Tremors (tremor) and sweating. Other unwanted effects include fatigue depressive moods (Rare). Beta blockers such as Beloc zok® can also affect blood circulation, which can result in a worsening of a circulatory disorder in the legs (PAOD) or - more likely for men - in Erectile dysfunction can express.

Rebound effect

Beta blockers how Beloc zok® must not be stopped suddenly after prolonged use. There is a risk of one Rebound effect. This then expresses itself in the form of a higher blood pressure and a faster heartbeat (Tachycardia) and can lead to symptoms of one Heart tight (Angina pectoris) pass. The cause of the rebound effect is due to the long duration Blockage of the ß-receptors Receptor density on the cells physiologically upregulated by the body. Likewise, the body is prepared for an increased release of so-called. Catecholamines a. Catecholomines are the physiological activators of the ß-receptors. The body tries to counteract this therapy by taking beta blockers. This process is physiological. So there are more receptors and more Catecholamines available. This becomes critical if then Beta blockers (Belok zok) are abruptly discontinued and suddenly all or more receptors - with a simultaneously increased level of activators - are activated. There is an excessive reaction. Therefore must Beta blockers like Beloc zok® slowly tapered off so that the body can get used to it again, so to speak. The receptor density and the amount of catecholamines produced and released are then slowly downregulated.


Interactions of Belok zok can arise especially when the drug metoprolol i.v. (intravenous; into a vein injected or as an infusion) and the person concerned is already with medication against Cardiac arrhythmias (Antiarrhythmics) is treated. The same applies to the intravenous administration of agents against irregular heartbeat (Antiarrhythmics) if the person concerned is already receiving therapy with Beloc zok®. Interactions of beta blockers with antiarrhythmics (e.g. Calcium antagonists diltiazem or verapamil type) may make your heart beat very slowly (Bradycardia).


Beta blockers like Beloc zok® are not allowed in severe Heart failure (NYHA IV heart failure) and with certain forms of Cardiac arrhythmias (AV block 2nd or 3rd degree) can be taken. Further contraindications for taking Beloc zok ® are a too slow heartbeat (less than 50 beats per minute at rest) and low blood pressure (hypotension). Even with known intolerance (allergy) Beloc zok® must not be taken.
Beloc zok® not only has the ß1 receptors, but - to a lesser extent - also the ß2 receptors. This can - especially with certain diseases of the bronchi - to Provocation of an asthma attack lead and is therefore known to patients with bronchial asthma contraindicated.

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