Psychosomatic palpitations


Palpitations are psychosomatic


The appearance of Palpitations can in many cases be a organic Cause. In people who frequently suffer from palpitations without an organic cause being detectable, a psychosomatic Genesis exist. Above all, sudden and unexpected attacks of fear or almost overwhelming ones Anxiety attacks can be a psychological cause of heart palpitations.

With such a panic attack, symptoms such as palpitations occur in addition to the palpitations Shortness of breath, choking in the throat, racing heart, a feeling of pressure in the chest, sweating, dizziness, nausea and a general feeling of weakness on. The Panic attack is considered to be the most common psyche-based cause of cardiac stumbling. In addition, various substances that affect the psyche can lead to sudden heart palpitations. Especially after excessive consumption of Beverages containing caffeine, for example coffee, it can be too Cardiac arrhythmias like stumbling blocks come.

In general, it can be assumed that the psyche have a far-reaching influence on organic processes. Panic attacks, depression or other diseases of the psyche are not uncommon. Neither the underlying impairment of the psyche nor the resulting organic manifestations can be remedied without professional help. For this reason, people who suspect they are suffering from mentally related heart stumbling should urgently get one Specialist seek out. Otherwise there is a risk for those affected to fall into a Spiral of fearleading to a progressive Increase in complaints leads to guess.


Palpitations are among the most common Cardiac arrhythmias and is only discovered by chance in many patients. The reason for this is the fact that heart stumbling does not always lead to symptoms. In general, it can be assumed that approximately a quarter of the population suffer from heart palpitations at least temporarily. Which part of it is actually based on an organic cause and which part is caused by the psyche is difficult to assess. Since a large number of people who suffer from psyche-related heart stumbling do not seek medical treatment, it can be assumed that the proportion is much higher than assumed.

root cause

Constant exposure to high levels of stress often leads to high blood pressure and dizziness.

The problem with psychosomatic illnesses (for example, heart stumbling, which is caused by the psyche) is that the people concerned usually do not consider themselves mentally ill. The cause of the development of heart stumbling, which is based on the psyche, can be very diverse. In most cases, however, the cause lies in the psychosocial Level. While most people are now aware that symptoms are like fatigue and exhaustion can be an expression of permanent overload, very few of those affected associate symptoms such as heart palpitations with the psyche.

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In addition, can persistent stress to changes in the Endocrine system to lead. The change in the hormonal balance, in turn, can affect both Cardiovascular system, as well as the immune system. As a result, people who are regularly exposed to stress often suffer from it high blood pressure and dizziness.

Also Infectious diseases can affect people whose immune system is inhibited by the own psyche, spreading more and more and taking on more pronounced courses.

Stumbling of the heart, which is caused by the psyche, can have serious consequences precisely because those affected often suppress the symptoms until the body completely collapses. In this context, so-called "self-imposed stress", due to excessive demands on yourself, can also be a psychological cause of heart palpitations. People who place excessively high demands on themselves and who shape their lives with too much ambition often suffer chronic fatigue. This, in turn, can also have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system. Affected people then suffer more frequently from heart stumbling caused by their own psyche.

In addition, unconscious inner conflict can lead to physical complaints. Especially persistent fear, dissatisfaction, sadness, or envy in this way can lead to arrhythmias such as heart palpitations. Other psyche-based causes of heart stumbling are fear of the future and existence, loneliness, poverty and financial insecurity. In addition, sudden palpitations are often associated with everyday problems, for example Conflicts in your job, relationship or family in connection. Whether such external circumstances influence the psyche of a person in such a way that it comes to the development of psychosomatic illnesses depends both on the genetic Disposition, as well as from private environment and the personality of the person concerned.

Through stress

The causes of cardiac stumbling caused by the psyche can be varied. Cardiac arrhythmiasthat is mainly due to persistent stress are provoked, are not uncommon. Heart stumbling induced by stress is mainly based on an increased Cortisol-Release. This so-called "Stress hormone“Can affect different organ systems.

Prolonged stress, or a sustained increase in cortisol, leads mainly to one Inhibition of the immune system. In addition, the Cardiovascular system Affected by the ongoing stress. Heart stumbling, which is caused by the psyche, can be the result. Diagnostically, however, it is difficult to trace back this form of cardiac arrhythmia to a psychological genesis. First and foremost it must be assumed that the palpitations are on one organic cause is based. Only when every possible organic cause has been ruled out can it be checked whether the palpitations are caused by stress. Affected people should urgently think about their own Living conditions to change. Only in this way can heart palpitations caused by stress be treated in the long term.

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Heart stumbling, which is caused by the psyche, does not always have to be accompanied by physical complaints. Because of this, the Cardiac arrhythmia in many cases identified as such very late. In other patients, however, there are pronounced symptoms in the course of heart stumbling.

A typical sign of the presence of cardiac stumbling, which is caused by the psyche, is a sudden throbbing and a feeling of trepidation in the Rib cage. Since psychosomatic palpitations are associated with other symptoms in most cases, it can under certain circumstances Sweats, Shortness of breath, dizziness and panic come. Also nausea and strong urge to urinate can indicate the presence of heart stumbling caused by the psyche.


Organic causes can be clarified with an EKG.

In the case of a patient who suffers from acute heart palpitations, a organic genesis can be assumed.

For this reason, the diagnosis of heart stumbling involves several steps. In a detailed doctor-patient conversation (anamnese) the person concerned should describe the complaints he has perceived as precisely as possible. In addition, previous illnesses, existing ones Allergies and possibly taken regularly Medication be particularly important for the diagnosis of heart palpitations.

This doctor-patient interview is usually followed by one orientational physical examination. During this investigation, the Blood pressure, the Oxygen saturation and the Pulse to be controlled. In addition, all heart valves must be monitored with the stethoscope and one EKG be made. As soon as the suspicion of cardiac stumbling is confirmed, the search for an organic cause of the cardiac arrhythmia must begin.

If, even after extensive diagnostics, no cause for the occurrence of the heart stumbling can be found, a psychological examination connected.


At psychosomatic illnesses (for example, heart stumbling caused by the psyche) there should be a balance between treating the symptom and treating the psyche. A clean psychotherapy rarely leads to a prompt improvement in the symptoms of those affected. Besides the specialist treatment However, those affected can also do something themselves against the palpitations that are caused by the psyche.

In this context, there is one in particular balanced, healthy diet a crucial role. Also regular Movement units being in the fresh air can help improve that immune system and the Cardiovascular system to activate. In addition, physical activity can help Reduce stress and drive away bad thoughts. People who suffer from heart stumbling caused by the psyche should also special Relaxation exercises carry out. In this way, those affected are demonstrably more balanced and can deal better with stressful situations.


Palpitations as such is usually not dangerous and does not require a separate doctor's visit.

Those affected should however pay attention to which one Period the palpitations persist and the symptoms that occur. Heart stumbling that over several minutes or hours occurs can be dangerous.

In addition, heart palpitations posed by the psyche is caused, a specialty. In the case of psychosomatic cardiac arrhythmias, should always prompt treatment be initiated. The palpitations themselves, even if it is caused by the psyche, are not considered dangerous. Still, the cause of the occurrence of the psychosomatic illness also to others Organ systems affect and become dangerous in this way.

Prevention (prevention)

In order to prevent mental illnesses, for example, you can learn relaxation exercises to reduce stress.

The occurrence of psychosomatic illnesses can often only be prevented with great difficulty. The reason for this is the fact that most of those affected only realize much too late what they are expecting themselves and their psyche. However, if a psychosomatic illness is recognized as such very early on, its spread and consolidation can usually be averted. The most important step in the prevention of heart palpitations caused by the psyche is Change in your own lifestyle. People who frequent stress are exposed to it, it is essential to b. In addition, you can Relaxation exercises help to restore inner balance. If an incipient psychosomatic illness is suspected, this should also be done promptly psychological help to be entitled to.