Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Synonyms in a broader sense

  • Ovarian tumor
  • Ovarian tumor

Medical: Ovarian carcinoma

English: ovarian cancer


The diagnosis of ovarian cancer always belongs in the hands of a specialist

No typical symptoms can be assigned to ovarian cancer. Most ovarian cancer goes unnoticed and is randomly examined by a specialist for gynecology discovered.

Signs that can indicate the presence of ovarian cancer can include changes in the Menstrual period (Menstruation) be. If there is increased bleeding between the cycle-related bleeding (intermenstrual bleeding) or does one occur Postmenopausal bleeding (climacteric) so this can be done on one Ovarian cancer indicate.
However, something completely different harmless can also be concealed behind this symptom. In any case, the specialist in gynecology (gynecology) must be consulted, as early detection of ovarian cancer is associated with a much better prognosis.

An increase in the size of the abdomen with no noticeable increase in body weight and additional digestive disorders, a feeling of fullness and fatigue should also always be viewed critically, but can also be of a harmless nature.

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