Symptoms of Endometriosis

Synonyms in a broader sense

Adenomyosis uteri, internal and external endometriosis
English: endometriosis


The emergence of the Endometriosis Symptoms based in principle on a cause. Since the affected areas in their structure and function of the Uterine lining same or consist of this, they are subject to, like the uterus also, the monthly cycle. This means that depending on the hormone, they bleed on average every 28 days (Menstrual period).

However, since, in contrast to the uterus, there is usually no drainage of the blood, it comes to congestion of the blood and corresponding symptoms. Furthermore, the endometriosis zones are pain transmitters (Prostaglandins) starting in addition to massive cramps being able to lead. In addition to almost painless cases, which therefore remain undetected for a long time, many women on their period are downright incapacitated by their severe symptoms.

The colorful picture of complaints Endometriosis can be summarized under the following symptoms:

  • Massive discomfort during your period (Menstrual pain) With Cramps in the lower abdomen, Circulatory problems and nausea
  • Painful intercourse
  • infertilitywhich is usually caused by the fallopian tube sticking to blood and the lining of the uterus
  • Bleeding abnormalities in the form of Spotting before the start of the period and increase in bleeding intensity during the period
  • Pain when going to the toilet, so both urination and bowel movements are possible, in rare cases even with excretion of blood in urine and stool (see: intestinal bleeding)