Chest drain


The Chest drain is a Bottle system, the one So-called can build up and thus promotes:

  • blood,
  • Secretions and
  • air

The chest tube is mostly used around patients with liquid in the lung to treat.

application areas

Chest drain

Through different Diseases can it become a Fluid build-up in the lung come, this in turn can die breathing but also that heart affect.

are lung and heart impaired it may be necessary to have a Drainage tube introduce to lungs and heart relieve.

Chest drains are also used for the so-called Pneumothorax used. A pneumothorax is an accumulation of air in the Rib cagebut outside of the lungs. The lungs can thereby collapsewhat a serious one shortness of breath can lead. The air can be collected through a chest tube sucked off and the lungs are relieved.

Types of drainage

The two most common Chest drains are:

  • Monaldi drainage and
  • Bülau drainage.

They differ in theirs size and in theirs Art of use.
Monaldi is mostly for Air accumulation, Bülau For Fluid build-up second hand.
There are also different drainage systems with different numbers of Bottles contains, from one to four bottles.


The Chest drain will always sterile laid, that is, the skin disinfected usually several times and the doctor uses sterile gloves and sterile material. After thorough disinfection, the Ribs felt and the puncture site marked. After that one approx. 1cm large cut placed at the marked point on the middle, rear back. Then carefully use your finger to die drainage introduced over the rib.


It's coming Rare too serious Complications. However, every chest drain always carries the risk lung to hurt and thus one Pneumothorax trigger. In addition, if not properly attached annoy get hurt. In very rare cases it can also reach the lungs bleed in.