Mode of action & active ingredient

The diuretic drug Unat is used to lower blood pressure.

The Unat® preparation contains the active ingredient torasemide. This active ingredient falls under the substance class of loop diuretics, which are very effective diuretic drugs.
Loop diuretics work by inhibiting transport mechanisms for electrolytes to be re-absorbed into the kidneys, which lead to a larger amount of urine and are excreted. In summary, the preparation Unat increases urine output and lowers blood pressure.


Unat® is usually used in Tablet form at the tomorrow taken and contains from 2.5 to 200mg of the active ingredient torasemide. Since these are prescription drugs, the doctor determines which amount of active ingredient is most appropriate for the individual treatment.

application areas

The drug Unat® can be used for a wide variety of diseases. Generally speaking, Unat® is used for Elimination of unnecessary water retention in the body, a principle that can be used for various underlying diseases.
Unat® is often used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), as well as for the treatment and prophylaxis of fluid accumulations in the tissue (Edema) and body cavities (Effusions), often due to a Heart failure occur. Furthermore, Unat® becomes strong at impaired kidney function used when fluid is already accumulating in the tissue. Another area of ​​application of the drug Unat® is in Poisoningbecause the increased excretion of water also flushes out the toxins.

Side effects

The increased loss of fluid can cause this Thicken blood, so make sure that you enough liquid eats or drinks through food. Also be Salts such as sodium, potassium and chloride are excreted, which should therefore also be returned in sufficient quantities with the food.
In addition, the elimination of Calcium and magnesium elevated. As side effects occur alongside Circulatory problems, a headache and thirst also Vomit and diarrhea, low blood pressure and fatigue on.

Because of these side effects, Unat® tablets should not be used in patients who have gout Suffer. In addition, therapy with Unat® can become a aggravation of arousal and conduction disorders on Heart lead, which is why treatment with Unat® should be avoided even with such clinical pictures. In addition, patients with severe liver- and Kidney dysfunction Also not suitable for therapy with Unat®, as Unat® contains harmful substances for both organs.

Interactions with other drugs

Unwanted interactions between Unat® and other active ingredients can occur, for example, with the following drugs: Antihypertensive agents in combination with Unat®, a excessive decrease in blood pressure result in medicines used to treat asthma can be strengthened in their effect, Antidiabetic drugs lose their effectiveness and the effect of Painkillers can be reinforced.
In general, the interactions with other drugs must be checked before starting therapy with Unat®.