Lipoma on the sole of the foot


A lipoma on the sole of the foot is a rare benign tumor.

A lipoma is a benign tumor that originates from adipose tissue cells (adipocytes).

Such a benign fatty tumor is one of the most common tumors in humans; around 2 percent of all people have a lipoma.
Most often, lipomas are located in the head (lipoma on the head) and neck, on the back (lipoma on the back) and on the shoulders (lipoma on the shoulders).

Other parts of the body such as the soles of the feet are less affected, but lipoma can generally occur anywhere with fatty tissue. A distinction is made between superficial and deep-lying lipomas, with the superficial ones making up the greater proportion.

Lipoma usually only occurs from the age of 50, but younger people can also be affected. Men and women are affected roughly equally. A lipoma usually grows very slowly and, above a certain size, can be felt under the skin in a clearly delineated manner.

The size of a lipoma under the sole of the foot can vary widely. Usually, however, a lipoma under the sole of the foot is already discovered when it is only a few millimeters in size, as the lipoma quickly leads to an uncomfortable feeling or other complaints under the sole of the foot.

In addition to lipomas, there are also so-called pie-drawn nodules - fat nodules that develop under high pressure - which must be clearly delimited.
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A Lipoma on the sole of the foot is usually as a swelling under the skin palpable or even visible.
The benign one tumor usually feels soft or resilient and is usually directly under the skin localized. You can see them Benignity of a lipoma because it appears as a lump under the skin painless can be pushed back and forth.

Usually causes a Lipoma no complaints as it is a benign tumor acts. It is therefore usually only discovered when it has reached a certain size.
However, the lipoma can appear push other structures and thereby cause symptoms. Is that Lipoma on the sole of the foot, for example, near Tendons or Nerve tracts, pain or numbness may occur.

Lipoma under the sole of the foot can also cause discomfort while running cause it due to its size Tendons or Muscles can press in his environment, which causes an unfamiliar feeling and possibly with Pain connected is.
If the lipoma exists under the sole of the foot over one longer period, it can too Misalignments in the foot or in knee come because, for example, the foot is bent more to one side.

  • Symptoms of a lipoma
  • Pain from a lipoma


Although a Lipoma originates from the adipose tissue cells, this is what causes it benign tumor nothing with a "fat accumulation" as it is with Obesity the case is to do.

Why lipomas arise so far not yet fully explored. It is believed that genetic factors play a role. So a degeneration seems certain Adipose tissue cells cause these cells to multiply and create one benign knot form. But also with others Diseases is associated with an increased occurrence of Lipomas supposed. For example, the Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) and certain Lipid metabolism disorders favor the development of lipomas.
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Some scientists also suspect that there is a post-traumatic cause for the creation of Lipomas gives. For example a bruise or a strong push should encourage the development of a lipoma in the injured area.


A Lipoma is a benign tumori.e. if it does not cause discomfort or symptoms, no treatment is necessary from a medical point of view.

However, due to its size, the lipoma can press on tendons or nerve tracts. On the sole of the foot there can be a uncomfortable feeling come while running and with a longer existence also to one Misalignment. If such complaints occur, this is distance of the lipoma. Superficial lipomas can also be due to cosmetic reasons removed.

The only therapy for lipoma currently consists of the operative removal. For example, conservative treatment Massages, Ointments, or diet changes seem to have no effect on lipoma.
Cutting out one Lipomas is usually easily possible in a small surgical procedure because the Lipomas are clearly delineated and close below the skin lie. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the removed tissue is rolled into one laboratory examined to confirm the diagnosis of "lipoma" and others Diagnoses to exclude the tumor. The intervention usually leaves a clearly visible one scarwhat should be considered if the lipoma is just off cosmetic reasons Will get removed.
You can usually go home after the procedure. The threads are usually after two weeks away. Depending on the size and location of the Lipomas it can take different lengths of time on the sole of the foot to be full again Engage in daily activities as well as exercise.

A new therapeutic measure for a lipoma is suction (Liposuction). However, it is usually difficult to completely remove all cells. This is important so that cells left behind do not reappear Lipomas can form.


A Lipoma on the sole of the foot can usually already be determined by the exact examination of the skin be diagnosed. The knot can be just below the skin felt characteristically soft or resilient on and is easy to move.

But others too potentially dangerous skin changes or Diseases can resemble a lipoma, so a dermatologist should examine the tumor.

When through the sole investigation not clearly that diagnosis a lipoma can come, for example imaging procedures as a Computed Tomography or one Magnetic resonance examination (MRI) for use. But also the removal of one Tissue sample (biopsy) can possibly lead to Saving the diagnosis become necessary.


Since it is a Lipoma If the tumor is benign, the prognosis is good.

The surgical removal a lipoma on the sole of the foot is usually uncomplicated, in rare cases it occurs Bleeding or Infections after the procedure.

However, one can Lipoma return, either in the same place or in a different place on the body. These so-called recurrences are usually the same benign and harmless. The likelihood of becoming a benign lipoma a malicious one on the sole of the foot tumor developed is negligible.


According to the current state of science that is root cause for the development of a lipoma not yet finally clarified.

However, measures seem like one Diet change or one Weight loss does not affect the emergence of a Lipomas to have. For this reason, so far no recommendation to effective prophylaxis of a lipoma. A healthy and balanced one lifestyle is generally recommended to be regular exercise promote health and blood circulation.