Growth hormones


Growth hormones (abbreviation GH = growth hormon) are hormones, and thus chemical messenger substances, that stimulate growth. These include: The growth of a living being, especially the body, increased protein biosynthesis, an increase in the density of bone substance and increased fat burning. The growth hormones will be released into the blood to perform their specific functions at their destination.

An example of a classic growth hormone is somatropin. This is known by various names that can be used as synonyms: Somatotropic Hormone, Growth Hormone, Human Growth Hormone and Growth Hormone.
From a chemical point of view, this is a peptide hormone, structurally speaking it is a polypeptide, which means nothing else than that it is a molecule that is made up of individual amino acids that are linked via special chemical bonds, the so-called peptide bonds, are related to each other. In the case of the polypeptide, there are around 10-100 amino acids that form a link. In exceptional cases, as with the somatotropin, there are sometimes 191 amino acids.


As the name suggests, the "growth hormone" makes our body grow. One speaks here of Growth in length. However, this term is partially misleading, as the bone system and the internal organs, the skin, but also the nose and ears can be visibly affected.
The aforementioned somatotropin acts directly on our cells, one of the most well-researched properties is that Body growth shortly after birth.
This is done in the liver under the influence of growth hormone the so-called Insulin-like growth factor 1 which is made in the liver. This is also a growth factor that contributes to the Regulation of cell growth is significantly involved.


Growth hormones like somatotropin are essential for healthy and normal growth in the development of every human being and of many animals.
A increased production in the body (e.g. through Pituitary tumors) or an external supply is always accompanied by changes in the body. For example, an overdose of growth hormone in adolescents leads to too Huge growth. In adults who are already adults, this often results in uneven bone and acra growth. This means that there may be growth in size at the end of the extremities (feet, chin, hands, ears). In addition to this increase in size, deformities of the skull bone are to be expected, as well as soft tissue growth of the heart (cardiomegaly).

Here you will find information on the topic: Stunted growth

A Deficiency in growth hormone Conversely, reduces muscle mass in adults, increases the fat content (especially in the face) and reduces the density of the bones. As a result, there is often a reduced quality of one's own life, which in turn is associated with a reduced life expectancy.
From a biochemical and physiological point of view, somatotropin primarily affects: muscles, liver, cartilage, bones and kidneys. There is also one on the fat cells fat-reducing effect, increasing blood sugar levels in general.

Buying growth hormone

Growth hormones are in Germany prescription only. In addition, there are growth hormones on the doping list. It is therefore illegal to acquire preparations that cause the body to grow and will be prosecuted.
As with other muscle-building substances, it is not uncommon that the illegally acquired substances are produced in so-called underground laboratories and are therefore either ineffective or have even stronger side effects. The price for so-called "cures", that is, receipts of certain doses of mostly illegal substances over a longer period of time, amounts to five-digit amounts. Health insurance companies are only willing to cover part of the costs for certain findings.
These substances should always be acquired by a reputable doctor and after a thorough physical examination. He will only prescribe these hormones if a diagnosis is available. However, growth hormone abuse is common in various sports. This is referred to as doping - a topic that will be dealt with in more detail in one of the next sections.


Many of the athletes who are at the forefront of bodybuilding and compete against each other for the most impressive Adonis body in competitions such as the "Mister Olympia" have used growth hormones in the past.
This type of support is especially important in the Bodybuilding so attractive there due to the fat-reducing and at the same time muscle-building effect an aesthetic and defined body can be exhibited - in the opinion of the athletes and the jury at competitions - which in most cases would never be achievable for many athletes without these means.
But instead of pointing at certain doping sinners of the past decade with a raised index finger, there are enough positive examples in bodybuilding that show that one can Increase growth hormone levels also through a healthier lifestyle can.

Natural stimulation of the growth hormone level

As a strength athlete is one balanced nutritionthat contain the macronutrients (carbohydrates, Proteins and fats) in a reasonable ratio to each other, the basis for a healthy hormone balance. Since the building blocks of proteins (Proteins) are the amino acids and we have learned that the polypeptide somatotropin is made up of precisely these building blocks, a connection between a sensible and healthy diet and the release of growth hormones becomes evident here.
Furthermore you can Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals do their part to increase growth hormone levels. Muscle training and exercise in general also have a positive effect on well-being and growth hormone levels. In some test persons it was even possible to determine that alcohol significantly lowers the HGH (human growth hormone) level and is therefore counterproductive for muscle building and growth.
At this point it should be pointed out that the intake of synthetic growth hormones is in no case recommended to a fit and vital person for health reasons, whereas a person Natural increase in HGH levels through a varied diet is a desirable goal for peoplewho want to be healthy even in old age.


An open secret that is often taboo in public: the abuse of substances that increase physical and / or mental performance: doping. Like that too testosterone or others Anabolic steroids the somatotropin has one positive effect on muscle building.
In addition to being used in bodybuilding, this type of drug has use in the anti-aging industry. There is a very open approach to this topic, especially in the USA, and the beauty industry can use such hormone preparations to make profits in the billions.
In the bodybuilding sector in particular, somatotropin is often not used alone. The Combination of insulin, trenbolone acetate, testosterone and thyroid hormones is not uncommon.
It is important to mention that the damage caused by growth hormones should not be underestimated, as there is a high probability that they are no longer curable and that consumers have to reckon with consequential damage for the rest of their lives, which not only affects those involved, but also the health system .