Drawing in the testicle


The Drawing in the testicle is a symptom that occurs in many diseases can occur. It is not always clear what the cause of the pull is, so there is one thorough examination of the testicles and the surrounding organs in order to be able to make an accurate diagnosis.

It works the same way Pulling in the testicles often associated with other symptoms, which in turn can jointly point to a specific disease.

Tension in the testicle can have many different causes with different prognoses.
Since these can also include diseases that require rapid therapy, is one medical presentation advisable.

In the following we provide you with an overview of the most obvious causes with an explanation of the corresponding therapy.


Upon first contact with the patient, the anamnese Discuss the exact situation and symptoms.
Next to this conversation is also one physical examination of great importance by the doctor. In the testicle and the surrounding organs, such as the prostate, there are many investigation methods.
The doctor can gently palpate the testicles to reveal lumps or other hardening. Every man should also perform this palpation examination on himself on a regular basis in order to identify changes at an early stage.
If there is a reasonable suspicion of an illness, a Ultrasound of the testicle and the epididymis.

A Ultrasound examination can also be used for diagnostics.
In addition, a follow-up is usually also used Blood count created.
There are certain Tumor markersfound in the blood.
However, elevated tumor markers alone do not prove malignant cancer, but can also be elevated in the case of inflammation.

What is particularly typical of inflammation is the number of white blood cells (Leukocytes), which are responsible for the body's defenses.
If there is a suspicion that a tumor is present, the suspicious tissue is checked using biopsy examined. D.
he doctor cuts a small piece of the tissue from the Testicles, which is then examined by the tissue doctor (pathologist) in the laboratory.

When pulling in the testicle, the prostate usually not examined in young men. This is only done if a justified suspicion there is also a disease of this organ.

Causes and Therapy

Drawing in the leg and testicle

An epididymitis (Epididymitis) can radiate into the leg and is often very painful. The trigger is usually bacteria in untreated cystitis that migrate into the epididymis.

The symptoms of epididymitis are very similar to those of cystitis, but there is often a strong feeling of illness with fever, pain and redness in the testicles.

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The testicles should be cooled and, in any case, put up. Various antibiotics can be given to treat the disease. It is advisable to see a doctor.

Prostate inflammation (Prostatitis) can cause referred pain in the thigh. This will be discussed again later in the text.

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Tension in the testicles when walking

As Hydrocele becomes a Water retention in the testicle, which often worsens when the patient stands or moves, as the water "sags" more easily.

Actually, the hydrocele is not threatening for the patient and rarely causes pain but can occur repeatedly.

Depending on the patient, the testicles swell due to the water retention to different degrees: the greater the swelling, the easier it is to feel pain. Often the patients feel a feeling of pressure and a slight pulling in the testicles.

Should the Hydrocele does not go away by itself, so it may sometimes be necessary that a surgery is carried out.

The special thing about the hydrocele is that it acquired or innate can be. If it is congenital, it is usually noticed very early, in infancy or toddlerhood.
If the hydrocele is acquired, a Inguinal hernia, Violence or testicular inflammation may be the cause. Water can also be found in the spermatic cord and in the Epididymis store.

Tension in the testicles with back pain

Often pain in the testicle arises in connection with Back painwhich is often caused by crooked posture or tension.

Another reason for back pain and a Drawing in the testicle can also be a disc prolapse the lumbar spine, which can damage nerves supplying the testicles.
It comes to Pain or Numbnessthat can be felt down to the testicles. The cause of a herniated disc in the lumbar spine is usually due to excessive strain from sport or heavy physical work.
A herniated disc is means MRI of the lumbar spine or CT diagnosed.

However, inflammation of the testicle can also be associated with back pain:
The cause here is often an infection, usually through bacteria or Viruses, such as mumpsVirus.
If bacteria are the cause of the inflammation, one will antibiotic treated.

If mumps-Viruses The cause of the inflammation can lead to infertility. The pain caused by the inflammation of the testicles often radiates to the surrounding areas of the body, such as the back. It is important for the doctor to identify the inflamed testicles as the cause of the Back pain to recognize.

Tearing in the testicle after exercise

When doing sports, especially soccer or other ball sports, they often kick Injuries in the area of ​​the testicles.

These often require a Drawing in the testicle. If the pain is severe after the injury, you should stop the injury immediately medically clarified become.

Pulling in the testicle after ejaculation

Also inflammation of the prostate (Prostatitis) can a Pull cause in the testicle.
Often the pain also radiates into the leg and groin.

Symptoms include pain before and after ejaculation, pain in the testicles and epididymis, increased urination, and painful urination.
The inflammation often causes fever, chills, and fatigue.

Do bacteria have that Prostatitis causes this can be done well with a antibiotic therapy. The doctor examines the ejaculate, prostate and urine.
A Ultrasound examination can also be instructive. If left untreated, the acute Prostatitis transform yourself into a chronic one.

There one Cystitis causes similar symptoms, prostatitis must be distinguished from it during examination.

Cavalier pains

Pulling in the testicles can also be called something Cavalier pains which is pain after sexual arousal without ejaculation. Often the testicles are included colored blue or red. When an erection occurs, blood flows to the penis and testicles and, without ejaculation, remains in the penis and testicles, where it causes pulling.
Additional cooling of the testicles is highly recommended to relieve the pain.

Drawing in the testicles when coughing

At the to cough or in general during stress, testicles may hurt or pull when the patient is on one Inguinal hernia (Inguinal hernia) suffers.

A feature of an inguinal hernia is an outwardly visible bulge due to the protrusion of contents from the abdominal cavity through the inner sheet of connective tissue that delimits the abdominal cavity.
Through these openings, parts of the intestine can become dangerous pinch, therefore, if one is suspected Inguinal hernia a To see a doctor.

The inguinal canal runs in close proximity to the testes and carries the spermatic cord and nerves that innervate the testes.
That is the reason why an inguinal hernia affects that as well Testicles and may cause tearing in the testicle.

An inguinal hernia can operational be treated. However, if an operation is not possible, there is still the possibility of one Truss, a kind of corsage for the groin.

If a severe hernia is not treated, parts of the intestine can be trapped so severely that they die, which is life-threatening! The causes can be severe physical work and burden or one congenital weakness be in the abdominal wall.

Tension in the testicles when sitting

The possible cause of testicular pulling that occurs while sitting is Testicular cancer.
This is a cancer that is special young men and is a malignant disease.

The disease usually causes initially no symptoms, but only falls through one swelling with palpable nodules in the Testicles on.
For early detection, it is important to check yourself regularly.

One should node or one swelling feel, a visit to the doctor is urgently recommended.
The swelling is often accompanied by tearing in the testicles.
The male breasts very rarely begin to grow because the tumor produces female hormones.

The main therapy is that surgery. It is almost always performed when there is a prospect of recovery.
Often either one testicle or, in very rare cases, both testicles are removed. If only one testicle is removed, the fertility of the patient is not restricted.
If both testicles have to be removed, semen can be stored by freezing.

In almost all cases, an chemotherapy given to eliminate all cancer cells. Here too, the earlier the cancer is recognized and treated, the better the chances of recovery.
If metastases have already formed in the surrounding organs, the therapy is already more difficult.