Bach flowers for sensitivity

Which Bach flowers are possible?

The following Bach flowers can be used for people who suffer from excessive sensitivity:

  • Agrimony (Odermenning)
  • Centaury (Centaury)
  • Holly (holly)
  • Walnut (walnut)

Agrimony (Odermenning)

  • One tries to hide tormenting thoughts and inner restlessness behind a facade of happiness and carelessness
  • Lack of conflict ability, you accept everything, give in to avoid bad moods
  • Conflicts are repressed, you fool yourself (everything is fine!) So that no worries and fears arise
  • One is "Yes-men", Behaves like an over-conforming child (" make yourself dear to child ")
  • People who need Agrimony are often as silly as a child and show a fake cheerfulness
  • People love a cheerful and carefree atmosphere, are popular and are considered to be "easy going people“.
  • The environment is therefore not interested in the change in personality
  • Those affected often experience chronic fatigue due to inner restlessness Nails chew, hair twirl, play with objects
  • Frustrating smokers, Frustration drinkers, frustration eaters when they are alone.

Positive development opportunitiesn: Ability to deal with conflict, joy of life, real inner happiness.

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Centaury (Centaury)

  • You cannot say “no”, weakness of your own will, overreaction to the wishes of others
  • One is the servant and henchman of a stronger man
  • One can be manipulated and planned, is submissive
  • One is too adapted and clinging to other people like a burdock
  • People who Centaury are often members of a sect, followers, worshipers, more slaves than conscious helpers
  • You are tired, overworked and often have Gastrointestinal complaints
  • The environment wants (as with Agrimony) no change because it is served.

Positive development opportunities: Self-determination, learn to say "no". Learning to serve a good cause without giving up on yourself.

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Holly (holly)

  • One is emotionally irritated
  • Jealousy, distrust, hatred, envy and lack of generosity
  • You have the feeling of being unloved and falling short (Cain and Abel principle)
  • Hatred and anger are triggered
  • You have a negative attitude towards life, you lack the ability to love, you cannot indulge yourself and be generous
  • You're jealous and jealous because you're not looking carefully
  • People who Holly need are out to their advantage and are not emotionally bound to anyone
  • One often develops Heart disease, high blood pressure

Positive development opportunities: Inner harmony and understanding, being able to indulge.

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Walnut (walnut)

  • You get confused
  • Influenceability and fickleness in decisive phases of new beginnings in life
  • You know what you want (new beginning), but the spiritual readiness is missing and you can't let go of the past
  • You are already sitting in the boat, you can see the other bank but the anchor has not yet been lifted
  • You can be influenced from outside, but most of all by yourself
  • You are your own greatest enemy and you cannot separate yourself from old structures
  • In life phases of a new beginning such as:
    • puberty
    • Change of school
    • climacteric
    • retirement
      but also
    • Career change
    • move
    • divorce

Positive development opportunities: Steadfastness, perseverance, calmly ready to start over.

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