Which sunglasses fits best for me?

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Glasses, spectacle lenses, sunglass lenses

English: sunglasses

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To find out which sunglasses are right for you, the following things should be observed:
The filtering of the light is directly related to the tint of the glasses. The more the lenses are tinted, the less light will be able to pass through the sunglasses and therefore the eyes. There is a group classification of the tint grades.

In Group 1 the tint grades are glasses that too 20-57% are tinted. In Group 2 is the tint too 57-82% present, in Group 3 then 80-92% and in Group 4 92-97%.

Group 1 tints for sunglasses are mainly used on overcast days. Group 2 lenses are usually sufficient for average sunny days. Group 3 tints should be used in strong sunlight and in a reflective environment such as the beach or snow. Tints that are 80-92% tinted should definitely be worn when you are in regions with very strong sunlight (Glaciers, aviation Etc.).
To filter the UV radiation different materials are integrated into the glasses. It is important that the glasses absorb UV radiation below the wavelength of 400 nm because radiation with shorter wavelengths is particularly dangerous to the eye.