Bach flowers for fear in children

Aspen / aspen

Children need the bloom Aspenwhen you think they are with them "Too little for one skin" came into the world and if they are extremely sensitive.

Without knowing it, the children with thoughts and images flooded from the astral or emotional plane. you have one unconscious antenna for emerging conflicts, mental disorders of other people, fears in the air. you receive unconscious impulses from the environment which you cannot classify, they register almost everything and consume a lot of energy. It can happen that the children suddenly feel uncomfortable in happy company for no apparent reason and have to withdraw. You can't stand the atmosphere in certain places.

In addition, their fears remain in the aspen state vague and indefinite, the children cannot name them, so they cannot talk to others about them. This exacerbates their situation. For this condition, aspen, the quaking aspen is that perfect symbol. A breath of wind is enough to make the leaves rustle.

Aspen shaped children tremble like aspen leaves. They are prone to nightmares, cry out in their sleep, are prone to Sleepwalking. They are easily frightened, and react fearfully and negatively to new situations and strangers.

The children demand that the Door to bedroom open remains and always something The light is on in the room. They are afraid of the dark, they have vague premonitions and fear of an impending disaster, but they cannot name it. Have the children Afraid without knowing exactly what.

With the help of the Aspen flower essence, the child learns to process the unconscious, frightening impressions better, to overcome their unnameable fears and to feel more secure. Aspen can be ideally complemented with Mimulus and Rock Rose.

Cherry plum / cherry plum

Children too spontaneous expressions of emotion tend and those controlled, disciplined behavior it is difficult to need them Bach flower cherry plum.

The children feel one inner tension and feel like an inflated balloon that is about to burst. You can loud screaming, impulsive hopping around and spontaneous outbursts of anger repress more than others and are therefore often reprimanded. You suffer from fear yourself no longer control to be able to, there arises a psychological pressure that is discharged in fits of anger, hysterical screaming, often out of the blue. The negative reactions from parents to produce this behavior Fear because the children feel that it is very difficult to endure the inner tension without losing control.

The children suffer from Nightmares. Nail biting indicates internal tension and the unconscious fear of letting feelings run free.

Cherry Plum is also particularly suitable for children wet at night. They control themselves so strongly during the day that they can only let their fears run free by spontaneously urinating at night, when the body tension decreases during sleep.

The Bach Flower Cherry Plum helps the children psychological overpressure and fear before mitigating. Parents should try their children's emotional outbursts not always as something negative to see but with Attention and loving care react. This alleviates the fear of internal tension, spontaneous discharge and the fear of losing control.

Mimulus / Speckled Juggler Flower

The children are scary, shy and have a lot of little fears.

In contrast to Children in aspen statechildren whose fears are vague and inexplicable can Mimulus need their Name the reason for fear. It is this banal, everyday things and situations. The child is generally a "rabbit", is afraid of other people, is closed afraid to fight back and therefore avoids any argument from the start. Infants cry right after they wake up generally tearful and scared.

The little children are afraid of it thunderstorm, before the Darkness, before the Doctor visit. The older children are shy and reserved, in a strange environment they take a long time to thaw. Later they tend to blush and have inhibitions that make life difficult for them and their parents. In the worst case, life can become a burden for these children.

Mimulus helps fearful children to develop courage and bravery and to better classify and endure supposedly fearful situations. Mimulus should always be compared and weighed against the flowers Aspen (vague fears) and Rock Rose (panic fear).

Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut (German: Rote Kastanie)

With the children there is one right from the start great fear for the parents' welfare, siblings, family cats or dogs.

you have one strong attachment to loved ones and living beings and are overly concerned about their welfare, always fearing the worst.

Sentences like: Mom, where are you going? When are you coming back? Where is the papa? belong to Child's vocabulary as soon as it can speak.

The kids have trouble each other too to be separated from parents only for a short time. They cry and refuse when they are supposed to go to kindergarten or even to the birthday party, they don't even want to stay with their grandparents for a long time without mom and dad.

A excessive caring and over-concern to others inhibits one's own development, The children agonize over the worries of loved ones, but are not afraid for themselves. This close bond with the relatives usually arises from their own inner life uncertainty. Except for the children, of course through bad experiences developed this fear. In such cases the Blossom Star of Bethlehem fit.

The Red Chestnut flower is designed to help the child excessive attachment and fears to dismantle others. The children should develop their own inner security and independence.

Rock RoseYellow sun rose

The Flowering rock rose stands for panic fear to fear of death for example Suffocation as part of a allergic asthma.

The kids are, too without any recognizable dramatic event, panicked. They tremble, scream loudly, cling seeking protection to parents. Or they act like petrified and hold on eyes and Ears to. Triggers can be nightmares, thunderstorms or just fear of the dentist.

As babies, these children sometimes suffer Difficulty falling asleep. The children are very general easily overexcited, react hysterical and show a "weak nerves". The Rock Rose flower can then become part of the personal flower mix during a longer time can be given.

Otherwise the bloom Rock Rose is part of the so-called "Emergency drop" (Rescue Remedy) a mix of five flowers which are at any form of first aid can be applied.

The Bloom Rock Rose is supposed to help the children Better judge situations and a certain Courage and steadfastness to develop.

Where are Bach flowers available?

In Germany you can 38 Bach flowers in storage bottles, the so-called stock bottles Buy individually or as a set in the pharmacy. On request are also Mixtures to get. In England, Bach flower essences are used in Drugstores sold. The supply bottles are durable and should at one light-protected place at normal room temperature be kept.

Preparation and consumption

Ingestion as a liquid essence

A short-term intake takes place at acute illnesses or moods. In acute cases in which the mood and behavior of the child can change quickly, the so-called water glass method: One gives of the selected flower essences 2 drops each on a glass (0.2l) tap water. You give a small sip at a time within 2 to 3 hours.

Long-term use from the oral vial

You need a brown 30ml bottle with pipette or dropper insert, available in every pharmacy silent Waters (no distilled water), the selected Bach flower, fruit vinegar. Man drips 4 drops each one or more selected Bach flowers (available as stock bottles without a prescription in the pharmacy) in the bottle, fill three quarters with fresh water, the Rest with fruit vinegar on. Of that you give Four drops 4 times a day, spread over the day, preferably on an empty stomach. Not a metal spoon use. Leave the mixture in your mouth for a while to take full effect.

The mixture keeps in the brown bottle a maximum of three to a maximum of 4 weeks and must then be renewed.

Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment depends on the Situation and well-being of the child from. In acute conditions, an improvement can often be seen very quickly. With already longer-standing, deeper problems Experience shows that it takes significantly longer - Sometimes a few weeks until a clear positive change in the child's condition can be observed.

To three to four weeks A balance must always be drawn and, if necessary, the mixture must be discontinued or its composition changed. Children often have one very good instinct for what they need or not. It may be the child stops taking the flower mixture on its own, refuses to take or forgets to take it. Parents should accept this fact and not force it to take it.

No effect after a long time

If after a few weeks does not show the slightest change in the child's behavior various causes to have. Of course the mix can not the right one be. In this case you should check it again and, if necessary, ask an experienced practitioner.

Sometimes parents expect too much from therapy. Bach flowers only cause small changes that are sometimes difficult to perceive. Children's behaviors often spring from family situation. Parents and siblings should also be ready to change something in their dealings with one another. Bach flowers can also help here.

Unclear choice of flowers

If no flower found If one that suits the child one must first assume that the child does not need treatment.

One finds too many matching flowers (more than 8 to 9) you first have to know the behavior that has been observed in children for a long time and also those that have only recently come into play. You start with the treatment with the flowers that match the current behavior. Take your time choosing the flowers watch your child for a while exactly.

Basically, Bach flowers should not taken constantly become. The flower essences are harmless, but the constant ingestion of drops can trigger the feeling in children would have to take something all the time to feel good This can also encourage addictions to other substances that may not be so harmless.

As soon as you feel like the child urgently needs help (in the case of injuries, in exam situations, fears, etc.) you can always use the so-called "Emergency drop" Use (Rescue Remedy).

Emergency drops

The Rescue Remedy

The emergency drops to Bach contain 5 flowers: Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis. This mix is ​​as finished concentrate Available in the pharmacy and also part of the Bach flower set.
The emergency drops are exclusive for acute emergencies intended, under no circumstances for taking over a longer period of time. They are free from side effects.

When are emergency drops used?

Always with shock (Accidents, injuries also of a psychological nature) stress, Exam anxiety, Homesickness and everything that children Short-term scared, shocked and emotional distress triggers. It doesn't always have to be the major emergencies in the event of accidents or serious events. A bad school grade, a fight with friends, fear of a spider, nightmares or the upcoming visit to the dentist are reasons for using the emergency drops.

In all cases the drops work calming and comforting on the child's state of mind.

Please note: Under no circumstances can emergency drops replace necessary medical care in the event of an accident!

Use of emergency drops

In addition one gives 4 drops on a glass (0.2l) of fresh tap water and leaves the glass in small sips drink up. You can repeat this procedure again if there is no sufficient improvement.

If you are on the move and you have no water available, you need emergency drops also take undiluted. To do this, put 1 to 2 drops from the stock bottle directly on the lips or tongue. You can also use 2 drops Drizzle on the back of the hand and lick it off to let.

Emergency drops can also be used in one Oral bottle prepare. To do this, you put 4 drops in brown 20ml bottle (from the pharmacy) and fill up with fresh tap water.

External use

As an envelope with minor injuries, insect bites, minor burns, tension. To do this, add 6 drops of emergency drops directly from the stock bottle to ½ l of water and soak a cloth with them.