Chest pain due to skeletal malalignment

Chest pain caused by tension and deformities in the skeleton

Apart from the organs described, tension in the muscles in the chest and spine can also trigger chest pain. Here, too, it is crucial that the complaints can usually be provoked and intensified with appropriate movements. Gentle postures reduce the discomfort.

Orthopedic conditions affecting the spine can also cause chest pain and pulling in the chest at an advanced stage. However, the development will be so advanced that a connection between the chest pain and the postural damage is usually obvious. The following should be mentioned: Bechterew's disease, in which the patients have postural problems with a bent gait; the funnel chest, in which the sternum grows inwards with the ribs attached and can cause chest pain. In the case of chest pain caused by orthopedic causes, a position-specific relief is often also possible and usually excludes a heart attack.

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