Butterfly with the expander


In addition to push-ups, the butterfly is another form of exercising the chest muscle with an expander. The butterfly is used more in the advanced area, as there is a certain coordination requirement. The butterfly is used especially in the definition phase of bodybuilding. In addition to the strain on the large chest muscle, this form of training also develops the muscles of the back of the upper arm.

Muscles that are used in the biceps curl

  • Pectoralis major (gluteus maximus)
  • Arm extensor (M. trizeps brachii)
  • Delatmuscle (M. deltoideus)

Figure musculature

  1. Deltoid
  2. biceps
  3. Triceps
  4. Pectoralis major
  5. straight abdominal muscle

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Motion description

The expander is attached behind the body at shoulder height. The athlete stands in a step position with the upper body forward. In the starting position, the expander is at shoulder level with the elbow joint bent. The hands grasp the expander at chest height. When performing the movement, the expander is led in front of the body, while the expander runs over the elbow. The elbow joints are stretched out. The entire upper body must not move during the movement. Only the arms in the shoulder joint work.

application areas

Health sport

In health sports, the load is kept low and the number of repetitions is between 15 and 20. The resistance is relatively light. However, since the goal here is not only strength endurance but also muscle building, the resistance should be chosen so that no further repetitions are possible after the last repetition are. The goal is to maintain or regain health.


In the area of ​​fitness, the number of repetitions is between 12 and 15 repetitions with a high training volume (many exercises in the training plan). The aim is to maintain physical health and general fitness. Due to the short pause length, the fitness athlete can do many exercises with relatively little expenditure of time. The length of the break is in the fitness range of one minute. In addition to strength training exercises, endurance performance is also integrated into the training plan in the area of ​​fitness.

Further information

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