The similarity principle of homeopathy

The simile rule or the principle of similarity

The homeopathy stands and falls with the Simile rule. Hahnemann formulated this rule in the introduction to Organon. It literally says there: “The real healing path, for which I give the instructions in this work: in order to heal gently, quickly and permanently in every case of illness, choose a medicine that can cause a similar suffering for itself as it is supposed to cure ( similia similibus curentur)! ”In German "The like can be cured by the like".

The simile was already mentioned by Hippocrates, Galen and Paracelsus, but until then it had not influenced medicine. Hahnemann was the first to recognize its importance and to make it the basis of his teaching homeopathy called. Hahnemann named this as the opposite term allopathyby which he understood everything non-homeopathic.

The Similarity principle is to be understood as a biological principle, an organ-specific regulation therapy which works with threshold stimuli and even with subliminal stimuli. Homeopathy is empirical medicine of stimulus and counter-stimulus. The simile rule and the effectiveness of homeopathic therapy cannot be classified and explained according to purely physical and chemical laws.

A distinction is made between artificial and natural therapy. The measures of artificial therapy are aimed directly at eliminating pathological changes and their causes. The organism is assigned a passive role.

The measures of natural therapy on the other hand aim at an active participation of the body, at its natural abilities to react and regulate, adapt and defend against illness-causing influences.

The homeopathy is a natural therapy with limits and only possible where the organism still has the ability to react. For homeopathic treatment one has to choose the remedy that can produce regulatory processes in the organism that are as similar as possible to those that are already in progress under the influence of the damage (Dahlke).

Drug disease

That after the Simile rule The drug found is said to cause a medicinal disease similar to the natural disease. The healing processes in the organism should be strengthened and set in motion by the simile. This is to be understood as a directional impetus and is intended to unify the more or less disorderly disease processes higher degree of order give.

A homeopathic remedy is not strong or weak, not good or bad, but it all depends on the right "wavelength" and the information transmitted to the body.

Therapy with few side effects

The homeopathy is a therapy with few side effects, as it does not interfere with natural functions, but stimulates the self-healing powers. The effect is based on the active participation of the body.