Duration of lymph node swelling


Lymph node swelling can be very uncomfortable and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The duration of a lymph node swelling can vary greatly and depends on the cause. The possibilities of influencing the duration of a lymph node swelling are limited. It always takes patience until the swelling subsides again. Sometimes a lymph node remains enlarged. Often only an infection is the cause, but sometimes cancer can also be behind it. In such cases, a medical evaluation would be very important.

How long does a lymph node swelling last?

No general statement can be made about the duration of lymph node swelling. The duration depends on the cause. The most common cause are infectious diseases such as Pfeiffer's glandular fever. As part of the infection, many lymph nodes swell. In many infections, the swelling of the lymph nodes decreases as the infection subsides. With some infections, such as syphilis, the lymph node swelling can persist for months. It is best to ask the attending physician. In some cases a malignant disease such as cancer may be the cause. In cancer, the lymph node swelling does not go away by itself. Treatment and / or removal of the lymph node must be carried out. So no statement can be made here about the duration of a lymph node swelling.

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What can have a positive effect on lymph node swelling?

If there is an underlying infection, it is always important to rest to allow the body to fight the infection successfully. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle with plenty of vitamins and nutrients and sufficient fluids can in no case be harmful. Medicines can or should be taken for some infectious diseases. These should be taken according to the arranged scheme. Taking more of the medication does not have a positive effect on the duration of the disease or the swelling of the lymph nodes. Sometimes this even puts an unnecessary burden on the body, which tends to have a negative effect on the healing process. In addition, there are also some home remedies that should have a positive effect. These include, for example, warm compresses, honey, massages or brushing the lymph nodes.

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What can negatively affect lymph node swelling?

Under no circumstances should you manipulate the affected lymph node in any way if you have a lymph node swelling. Massages can be performed gently and to a certain extent. But unnecessary pushing around etc. should be avoided. This can irritate the lymph node even more and make the condition worse. In addition, the body should not be further stressed or strained during a phase of illness. The body is already stressed enough by the disease. He needs rest. The instructions of a doctor, such as Taking medication should be followed. Taking medication that is not done according to the instructions can have negative effects.

How can I shorten the duration of lymph node swelling?

The possibilities to shorten the duration of a lymph node swelling are very limited. In many cases, the lymph node swelling simply lasts for a certain period of time, without any major influence. However, there are a few home remedies that are designed to help. However, these have not been scientifically proven, but are also not harmful. To reduce the swelling of the lymph nodes, gently massaging finger movements can be made around the lymph nodes. This is said to stimulate lymph node function and its filtering. The movements should be gentle, however. There is also the option of brushing. It is brushed centrally from the outer regions of the body. The strength of the brush must not be too strong, but also not too weak. Against the lymph node swelling itself and its accompanying symptoms, e.g. warm or cold compresses are used, which are placed on the affected areas for about 10 minutes. Compresses can also be dipped in diluted apple cider vinegar and then applied. Apple cider vinegar is said to have an antibacterial effect. Wraps with onions or mashed potatoes can also be used. Furthermore, salt water is said to help against infections in the oropharynx, as salt water is said to have a decongestant effect. Honey is said to have anti-inflammatory effects and also help with swelling of the lymph nodes.

What to do in the event of permanent lymph node swelling?

Permanent lymph node swelling, e.g. on the neck is often not a cause for concern. In various infectious diseases, lymph nodes swell during infection, as these are an important part of the immune system. This can be uncomfortable, but it is a normal body reaction. After an infection has subsided, a lymph node can sometimes remain enlarged. This is not a concern. However, the lymph node should no longer be tender on pressure, should not enlarge and should not be overgrown. If a lymph node swelling is discovered, which continues to grow, has grown together and feels uneven, a doctor should be consulted for clarification. These can be indications that there is a serious illness which requires medical treatment. Otherwise it can't hurt to show a doctor about permanent lymph node swelling. If he has concerns that a serious illness is behind it or wants to rule it out in any case, he will order a blood count. Further examinations can then follow if necessary.

How long should I see a doctor if I have swollen lymph nodes?

Since swelling of the lymph nodes after an infection can remain without any health consequences, a doctor does not need to be consulted in this case, even if the duration is very long. A doctor should be consulted if the lymph node swelling progresses and the lymph node changes in consistency, e.g. hardened or it grows together with its surroundings. These are signs that a more serious illness may be present, which should be checked with a doctor. In any case, a doctor must be consulted as soon as possible if night sweats and fever occur in addition to swelling of the lymph nodes. In any case, if you have any other concerns or concerns, you can consult a doctor for clarification and security. Otherwise it is advisable to show the enlarged lymph nodes to a doctor after a month at the latest.