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The therapy for tennis elbow differs from person to person and is mainly based on the severity of the disease and the individual suffering of those affected.
In almost all cases, however, it makes sense to include stretching exercises in the therapy plan, as these not only promote the healing process and relieve pain, but also effectively prevent relapse.
In highly active phases of the tennis elbow, stretching exercises can be counterproductive, as the damaged tendon attachment is negatively affected by the additional pull.


Stretching exercises should only be done under the guidance of a physiotherapist / physiotherapist the first time, as correct execution is important in order to achieve success and not possibly cause even more damage to the arm.
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Performing stretching exercises on tennis elbow

The stretch most commonly used as part of tennis elbow treatment is the following:
The arm is fully extended at the elbow joint and the forearm is turned inwards. The hand is then pushed to the side with the fingers pointing outwards. Hold the tension in this position for about 15 seconds and then release it again.
In the acute phase of tennis elbow, this exercise should only be done very carefully up to three times a day.
Other stretching exercises include, for example, stretching your arm out in front of your body, again with your elbow pushed in. Then the hand in the wrist is bent towards the center of the body and held by the other hand for a few seconds.

Stretching exercises after the operation

In an operation on tennis elbow, the affected tendon and muscle attachments are usually separated from the protruding bone. After immobilization for 1-2 weeks, the arm should be moved again. Careful stretching exercises are also part of the physiotherapeutic follow-up treatment after an operation on a tennis elbow. These can prevent the tendon from growing again on the elbow and thus prevent the tennis elbow from recurring. The intensity of the exercises can be determined together with the treating physiotherapist and can also be carried out independently at home.

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Pain While Stretching - Carry On?

It often happens that pain occurs during stretching exercises and exercises with the Theraband. At the beginning of the therapy, a slight pain should initiate the end of the respective stretching exercise. Over time, stretching can be done just beyond the pain threshold. Whenever the stretching exercises can be performed painlessly again, the repetition of the exercises during the day can be increased.However, this should be done in consultation with the attending physician or the supervising physiotherapist.

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Stretching exercises in the chronic phase

stretching However, one is particularly important in the chronic phase of tennis elbow (duration of illness longer than 6 months) Tennis elbow important.
When the same movement is regularly performed in the forearm that puts a very one-sided strain on the muscles, as is the case with the tennis- or Playing golf, but also when working on the computer for a long time, it makes sense to use the Musculature to stretch for prevention. However, under these circumstances, it is enough to do the exercises once a day. In addition, you should make sure that you stretch the corresponding muscles before all sporting activities and the exertion of unusual loads.

The purpose of all of these stretching exercises is to do that Forearm muscles, which is often cramped or even shortened in tennis elbow, to loosen up, lengthen and make it supple. This will reduce existing pain and reduce the risk of yourself Torn hamstringincidence of inflammation or other injuries is reduced.

Figure tennis elbow

Figure tennis elbow: below - right forearm, muscles of the extensor side (dorsal side)
  1. Spoke shaft -
    Corpus radii
  2. Ellschaft - Corpus ulnae
  3. Upper arm shaft -
    Corpus humeri
  4. Long spoke side
    Hand straightener -
    Extensor muscle
    carpi radialis longus
  5. Shorter spoke side
    Hand straightener -
    Extensor muscle
    carpi radialis brevis
  6. Long thumb spreader -
    Abductor pollicis longus muscle
  7. Short thumb stretcher -
    M. extensor pollicis brevis
  8. Long thumb stretcher -
    M. extensor pollicis longus
  9. Elbow - Olecranon
  10. Knobby Muscle - M. anconeus
  11. Elbow side hand extensor -
    M. extensor carpi ulnaris
  12. Finger extensor -
    Extensor digitorum muscle
  13. Little finger extensor -
    M. extensor digiti minimi
  14. Extensor tendon strap -
    Retinaculum musculorum extensorum

You can find an overview of all Dr-Gumpert images at: medical illustrations

Is it useful in the acute phase?

In the acute phase of the tennis elbow is the Inflamed tendon attachment of the muscle to the bone. This inflammation causes the Tendon fibers damaged become. This damage is caused by a Storage of fats, one Fiberization and Tears in the tendon fibers caused.
In the acute phase is the inflamed tendon very sensitive and the affected muscle tense and hardened. Stretching exercises would release and improve the tension in the muscles, but they are good for the inflamed tendons harmful. The stretching exercises for tennis elbow can small cracks cause in the tendon and thus the Worsen inflammation and the Delay healing.

Stretching the tennis elbow during the acute phase reduces the inflammation do not come to rest in the tendon and worsens the prognosis the disease, therefore, the stretching exercises should be in the acute phase very reserved and careful run only a few times a day.

Does it make sense in the healing phase?

Is the acute phase of the tennis elbow over and the inflammation on lower but chronic level have decreased regular stretching exercises make sense.
The stretching exercises loosen tension in the affected muscles and hold them movable and with regular use are able to possibly to lengthen shortened muscles and thus the painful train towards the chronically inflamed tendon insertion reduce. A lesser move means one decreasing inflammatory activity and less pain. Regular, correctly performed stretching exercises in the chronic phase or in the healing phase of tennis elbow are therefore very usefulto improve symptoms and a faster healing to achieve.

Is it useful as a prevention?

Even if the Tendon attachment not yet inflamed is is a regular stretching usefulto the To prevent tennis elbow. Especially people who regularly perform activities that often lead to tennis elbow should Stretch the extensor muscles of the forearm. This of course includes Tennis playerthat before exercising on a adequate warm-up and stretching the muscles should pay attention. But also people who a lot on the computer can work through regular stretching, for example once a day is carried out to prevent inflammation of the tendon attachment in tennis elbow.

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