The Logi method

What is the Logi method?

The Logi method is a low-carbohydrate diet based on dietary recommendations for overweight children and adolescents from the obesity outpatient department of the Harvard University Children's Clinic. The aim is to offer a healthy diet that also allows you to lose weight without going hungry. The German nutritionist Nicolai Worm adapted the method and published it in book form in 2003, adapting the suggestions of Harvard lecturer David Ludwig. Worms defines the Logi method as "Low Glycemic and Insulinemic", that is, with low blood sugar and insulin levels. The successful Logi method can be understood as a permanent diet.

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Course of the diet

With the Logi method you can basically eat anything, but you should use the four-tier Logi pyramid as a guide when choosing your food. For users of the Logi method, the focus of nutrition should be on foods that are low in starch and sugar, but high in fiber.

Low-starch vegetables and fruits as well as healthy oils form the basis of the food pyramid. Salads and vegetables can be eaten in abundance. The glycemic index of these foods should be extremely low. At the same time, these foods are said to be the best satiating factor due to their weight and volume. For fruit and vegetables, the “five a day” recommendation applies to the Logi method, that is, fruit and vegetables should be consumed five times a day, whereby the vegetables should predominate. As for the oils, olive oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil and linseed oil should be preferred.

The second tier of the pyramid is formed by sources of protein such as lean meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs, nuts, and legumes. These foods may be incorporated into every meal in small quantities.

The third and penultimate level consists of whole grain products, brown rice and pasta. These carbohydrate suppliers do not have to be completely removed from the menu, but should in principle only be eaten in small quantities. The reason lies in their higher glycemic index.

The top of the pyramid represents cereal products made from white flour, floury potatoes and confectionery. These products should rarely or never be on the menu.

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What does breakfast look like with the Logi method?

If you want to lose weight with the Logi method, you should start with breakfast. There are numerous recipes for the method that are quick to prepare and use simple ingredients.

An ideal breakfast can consist of 25 grams of oatmeal, a chopped banana, 200 milliliters of milk and 2 teaspoons of honey, which are mixed in a bowl. At best, add a teaspoon of linseed oil.

Other tasty, healthy breakfast ideas include quinoa porridge with cinnamon and vanilla, chia pudding, walnut and rosemary yogurt, or quark rolls. The Logi method offers various options for preparing the food so that you can try out all possible flavors.

What does lunch look like with the Logi method?

The Logi method continues at lunchtime with light food that can be prepared vegetarian or vegan.

A well-suited vegetarian dish that follows the Logi method is a vegetarian eggplant casserole. For this you need harissa, pine nuts, an egg, a can of tomatoes in pieces, half an onion, a clove of garlic, 35 grams of fete and half an aubergine. Fry the aubergine, prepare the garlic and onion sauce, add the tomatoes and harissa and let them simmer. The whole thing is placed in a casserole dish and the egg is mixed with the feta and put on the casserole. The recipe is easy to implement and takes about half an hour.

There are also numerous different recipes that contain lots of vegetables and valuable nutrients. They are low in calories but at the same time filling and stimulate the metabolism.

What does a dinner look like with the Logi method?

With the Logi Diet you don't have to go hungry in the evening either, all dishes should be full and balanced.

In the evening you can, for example, prepare strips of turkey breast on spring vegetables. Celery, carrots, spring onions and clove of garlic provide the vegetables, a piece of turkey breast provides protein and a sauce made from peanut oil and soy sauce makes the dish tasty.

If you like to eat bread in the evening, bread with a high whole grain content should be used. According to the Logi method, you can prepare your own paprika quark as a spread and bring valuable nutrients to the table with low-fat quark and fresh paprika. Salmon ham and avocado are good alternatives for the spread and they are healthy and tasty.

side effect

A common side effect can be caused by the abundance of fiber found in large quantities in vegetables. Since low-starch fruits and vegetables form the basis of the nutrition pyramid in the Logi method, more fiber is taken in with the food. The property of dietary fiber is that it is difficult for the body to digest. They cause gases in the breakdown processes that lead to a bloated stomach. Flatulence is therefore a common side effect of unusually large amounts of vegetables. On the other hand, the foods of the Logi method, fruit, vegetables, dairy products such as quark and legumes have a stimulating effect on the metabolism and digestion. Certain foods such as chia pudding for breakfast can have a strong digestive effect and can cause diarrhea. Aside from digestive problems such as bloating and diarrhea, no side effects are to be expected with this diet, as it is healthy foods and a balanced diet. Deficiency symptoms are not to be expected with the Logi method.

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Criticism of the Logi method

There are some nutritionists who have questioned the importance of the glycemic index or load in this diet. The German Nutrition Society criticizes the low-carbohydrate diet and recommends a high-carbohydrate diet. The criticism of the Logi method is therefore similar to the criticism of the low-carb method.

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What risks / dangers does the Logi method entail?

It is popularly known that “carbohydrates make you happy”. For stress-prone and temporarily depressed people, the low-carbohydrate diet can have a negative effect on mood. According to the British Medical Journal, there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease with a low-carb diet. The main concern here is the ratio of carbohydrates to protein in the diet. The high protein content in the diet is taken into account, which is controversial. A protein-rich diet is not suitable for people with impaired kidney function, as this places additional stress on the kidneys in large quantities.

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How much can / should I lose weight with this form of diet?

With the Logi method, the success of weight loss is very individual, as you can put together the menu in different ways. Those who stick to the Logi recommendations can lose a few pounds within the first few weeks. Especially if you also do sport, the weight loss is much faster. In the long term, if the Logi method is followed, weight loss can definitely be expected. The amount varies from person to person.

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If you want to achieve your desired weight with the Logi method, you neither have to go hungry nor count calories. The menu contains a lot of satiety and a lot of protein, so that your own muscle mass is hardly affected. The individual composition of the dishes allows everyone to find the right recipes for themselves. You can prepare many dishes well and stick to the diet without any problems at work. Another advantage is that the yo-yo effect is avoided through the permanent change in diet.

One of the main disadvantages of the Logi method is the lifelong restriction on the consumption of most carbohydrates. Many people find this difficult and not infrequently cause cravings for sweets. There are some nutritionists who have concerns about high levels of meat and fish, which can put strain on the kidneys and cardiovascular system. The diet contains a high proportion of animal products, which can complicate this diet for vegetarians. Overall, the Logi method is much easier to stick to than most radical mono diets and, without a doubt, healthier than these. You can combine dishes of your choice and not completely do without certain products. You can try out various recipes, which makes it much easier to stick to the diet. However, one should be aware that the success of the diet depends on the individual menu and exercise program.

What successes can be expected?

An exact weight loss cannot be given with the Logi method, as the composition of the menu is very different. If you stick to the food pyramid and change your diet over the long term, you can get full and still lose weight. If you also do sport, the weight loss is correspondingly greater.

What alternative diets are there to the Logi method?

Diets similar to the Logi Method are the Montignac Method and the Glyx Diet.

The Montignac Method is a carbohydrate-conscious diet that lowers insulin levels and thus normalizes blood sugar levels. This diet distinguishes between “good” carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and “bad” carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. This diet is designed to detoxify the body. You eat a protein-based diet, but you don't have to count calories and you don't go hungry. The Montignac Method consists of two phases, the first phase lasting two to three months and aiming at weight loss, while the second phase should be carried out for life.

The Glyx diet looks similar, in which mainly foods with a low glycemic index are to be consumed. A distinction is made here between “good” and “bad” carbohydrates. With this diet, three meals a day are allowed, snacks between meals are taboo. The rules for food are simple. Sweets should be avoided and exercise also boosts the metabolism.

Another example of a low-carb diet is the Atkins diet, which is preceded by a clear phase program. The fat intake is drastically reduced with this diet. There are mainly low-carbohydrate and protein-rich foods on the menu. In addition, there is a tight exercise program that is an integral part of this diet.

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How high are the costs of a Logi method?

The costs of the Logi method are generally slightly higher than with an unhealthy diet consisting of ready-made products and cornflakes. Fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh fish and fresh meat have their price. However, these foods are undoubtedly healthier for your body and ideal for losing weight. The additional costs that are spent on a healthy diet save on hospital stays and complaints in old age. Different vegetables and fruits can be purchased depending on the season, which further expands the variety of the menu. When it comes to oils, high-quality oils should be purchased, such as virgin olive oil, walnut oil or linseed oil. These are not particularly cheap, but last a long time and protect the vessels from cardiovascular diseases. In principle, the costs of the Logi method correspond to the costs of a balanced diet.

Is that also possible vegan / vegetarian?

Vegan diets strictly avoid animal foods and are therefore usually higher in carbohydrates, similar to a vegetarian diet. Nevertheless, there are options here to carry out the Logi method vegan or vegetarian according to the low-carb principle.

This works when protein suppliers such as dairy products are replaced by foods containing soy, for example. Tofu, soy yogurt, chickpeas and algae or sprouts are foods that provide many valuable nutrients and fit perfectly into the Logi method's menu. They're also great for non-vegetarians as most of these products are very low in fat and low in carbohydrates.With the right tricks, the Logi method can be successfully implemented vegan or vegetarian.