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Fasting means restricted food intake or the complete renunciation of solid food for a limited period of time for naturopathic, medical or religious reasons.

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Under Fast means the omission of all solid foods or certain foods for a limited period of time. Fasts have been practiced by humans for a long time. One distinguishes Lentas it is practiced in Christianity, Judaism or Islam on certain days or during a certain time, from naturopathic fasting that must still be differentiated from medical fasting cures.
While conventional medicine uses fasting from a medical-physical point of view, naturopathic medicine uses it Fasting theory paid attention to the harmony of body and mind. The most important fasting representatives are Buchinger, Mayr and Hildegard von Bingenthat differ in the structure of the fasting cure, the duration and the organization. In general it can be said that at the beginning of a fasting cure there is usually one Discharge day is set, on which the body is to be prepared for the upcoming fasting period through light food, followed by 5-20 days of fasting, which are characterized in the morning by intestinal cleansing (detoxification, laxative measures) and at noon with teas, vegetable soups, etc. At the end of the fasting days, there are usually two build-up days on which the body starts to eat solid food again. nutrition should be used to. In principle, anyone can do a fast. Due to the unusual stress (shingle, reduced blood pressure, etc.), old patients, children and patients should also Diabetes mellitus, Cardiovascular diseases (Heart failure) and low blood pressure on that Therapeutic fasting dispense. After conventional medicine discovered and applied fasting for weight-reducing reasons, a period of oblivion followed, as numerous overweight people died from a fast. Today, numerous companies in the commercial sector have rediscovered fasting for themselves and are also offering Food supplements also hiking tours and holidays with fasting. During fasting, numerous biochemical processes take place in the body, which switches to a starvation metabolism.
Careful scientific research into the effects of fasting and the Fasting Risks on health does not yet exist. However, it appears that fasting does that immune system could stimulate. By shutting down the intestine, the main entry point for pathogens is closed for a certain period of time, thereby relieving the immune system. The therapeutic fasting is still to be distinguished from the time-limited and conventional medicine prescribed food abstinence, which is indicated for certain diseases in order to protect the gastrointestinal tract (Inflammation of the pancreas, Gastrointestinal infections Etc.).