Fitness glove

What are fitness gloves?

Fitness gloves are sold by many sports brand manufacturers and are growing in popularity.
The main function of these gloves is to provide a secure, stable hold in the hand while exercising. Fitness gloves are suitable for both barbells and dumbbells. Fitness gloves reduce the formation of pressure points and calluses on the inside of the hand.

Who Needs Fitness Gloves?

For many exercisers, fitness gloves have become an indispensable accessory in the gym.
Fitness gloves can be useful when lifting weights, for example short or long hold. The accessories provide the benefit by providing a better grip when lifting weights and protecting the hands. Fitness gloves can prevent hand injuries and the formation of calluses. Lifting weights puts mechanical stress on the skin, especially if you exercise frequently and lift heavily.
Fitness gloves are basically suitable for anyone who has to do with weights in the gym and wants to protect their hands.

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Which fitness gloves are there?

Fitness gloves made of leather are robust, easy to wash and provide a good grip. Real leather can harden in the long term through contact with sweat. Artificial leather does not harden, but is also not very robust. Basically, leather is a moderately breathable material. It is ideal as a basic material for high-quality fitness gloves.

Neoprene fitness gloves are also tough, but much more flexible than leather. They are also very easy to wash and less likely to smell bad. Since neoprene is not slip-resistant, most neoprene fitness gloves are equipped with rubber gripping surfaces. Neoprene gloves are softly padded and usually feel very good. However, neoprene is not breathable, so it can get warm quickly in the fitness gloves. Fitness gloves made of neoprene are very suitable for open gloves, grip pads and minimal fitness gloves.

There are also fitness gloves made of various natural and synthetic fibers (in short, textile). These are more breathable and absorbent than gloves made of leather and neoprene. However, fitness gloves made of textile quickly start to stink after contact with sweat. These gloves can and must be washed more often. Among these gloves there are models that do not tolerate frequent, intensive washing and therefore unfortunately cannot be worn for long.

Basically all materials have advantages and disadvantages, which is why many fitness gloves are made from combined materials. It is not uncommon for the grip surface on the palm of the hand to be made of leather and the rest of a functional textile material. Some fitness gloves have gel pads to make them more comfortable to wear. There are different forms of fitness gloves, for example closed fitness gloves with bandages as wrist protection, open gloves, grip pads and minimal gloves. Some models are equipped with bandages that protect and stabilize the wrist.

This is how fitness gloves differ from women and men

The fitness gloves for women and men differ mainly in the size of the palms and fingers. For some manufacturers, sizes S to XXL mean different sizes between the sexes. If in doubt, you should buy fitness gloves one size larger, as the hands often swell during training.

There are also differences in the materials. There are many fitness gloves for women that are made with a lot of textiles and are lighter. The gloves are available in the most colorful colors. There are plenty of sturdy gloves for men that are designed for heavy lifting.

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Who needs a wrist protector / bandage?

A wrist protector is used to stabilize the exerciser's wrist and prevent it from kinking. A wrist protector is basically a bandage, also called a grip wrist wrap, which more or less tightly encloses the wrist. It's part of the fitness glove.
Such a bandage allows significantly less movement in the wrist if it is closed tightly. During certain exercises such as biceps curls or bench presses, a wrist guard can prevent the wrists from buckling. When buying fitness gloves with wrist protection, you should make sure that the bandages actually provide support.

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Does gel make sense in a fitness glove?

Gel pads are designed to increase comfort when weightlifting.
The main thing is to protect your hands and make them comfortable to wear. Gel is definitely not a necessary material for fitness gloves, but it can make it comfortable for one or the other to wear. It is important that fitness gloves with gel pads are only carefully hand washed. Machine wash can destroy the function of the gel pads and make the fitness gloves unusable.

Who needs a pulling aid in a fitness glove?

Pulling aids are useful if you can no longer manage the exercise after one or two heavy sets of a pulling exercise during training. Often the reason is that the forearm muscles are not strong enough. Example exercises are horizontal rows, lat pulls, or deadlifts.
A pulling aid is used to support the forearms when pulling over them. As a beginner, you should specifically train the holding muscles of the forearm. Pulling aids are suitable for advanced users in the gym.

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Assessment of - These fitness gloves are the best

The best fitness gloves are characterized by practical functions, they are breathable and provide sufficient grip. A good fitness glove is robust and durable. The RDX Man’s Power cowhide leather gloves are very good fitness gloves.

  • RDX Man’s Power cowhide leather gloves

The RDX fitness gloves have a good reputation among athletes. They are robust and yet comfortable. The gloves consist of several layers of leather and are sewn with breathable, stretchy textile. The leather is partially perforated and roughened. The fitness gloves provide a very good grip and look breathable due to the elaborate workmanship. The gloves have practical loops on the fingers that allow the fitness gloves to be taken off quickly.

  • Harbinger Uni Pro Wrist Wrap fitness gloves

The Harbinger fitness gloves are also robust, comfortable to wear and of high quality. They are made of leather and textile. Since they contain more textile than the RDX fitness gloves, they stink faster, but are quite washable. Due to the higher textile content, they are particularly breathable. The Harbinger Uni Pro Wrist Wrap fitness gloves

  • Chiba Wristguard II training gloves

The fitness gloves from Chiba are slightly cheaper than the two gloves mentioned. They are well made, durable and also contain tough leather. However, the gloves are a little less comfortable to wear as they provide a little less mobility for the fingers. This pair of fitness gloves has a longer wrist protection bandage than the other two pairs, which one or the other might like better.