Gracia® slimming drops


Gracia® slimming drops are a supporting homeopathic remedy for weight loss in the case of obesity.
In D2 dilution, they contain the active ingredient Fucus vesiculosus, a brown alga called bladder wrack, which occurs increasingly in the North Atlantic, North and Baltic Seas.
The drops should be dissolved in water and taken three times a day before meals.

The manufacturer attributes the alleged weight-reducing effect to stimulation of the thyroid gland by the active ingredient.

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Indications for Gracia® slimming drops

The main indication for Gracia® slimming drops is, as the name suggests, overweight up to obesity and, accordingly, the desire for weight loss.

As with all homeopathic medicinal products, the area of ​​application is theoretically broad.
The drops could be used for hardening of the arteries, asthma, excessive sweating and as a laxative.

How do the Gracia® slimming drops work?

The alleged weight-reducing effect of Gracia® slimming drops is attributed to the stimulation of the thyroid by the iodine it contains.
The thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine (T3 and T4) stimulate the body's metabolism and thus ensure weight loss, a stronger heartbeat, increased heat production and many other effects.
An increased iodine intake drives the production and release of these hormones.

So it should come to a weight reduction.
However, this can also be accompanied by side effects (see below) and food cravings, which are rather counterproductive for weight loss.

Furthermore, a reduction in appetite is promised, which can also be explained by the fact that the stomach is already partially filled by taking a glass of water before eating.

The user reviews as well as the scientific data are mixed at best, so that Gracia® slimming drops cannot be said to be effective.

Side effects

It is possible that when taking Gracia® slimming drops, life-threatening hypoglycaemia may occur.
This manifests itself in cravings in combination with, for example, nausea, tremors, sweating, restlessness and / or a racing heart.
It is strongly advised to consume glucose or, alternatively, sugar cubes and consult a doctor immediately if you experience such symptoms.

Other side effects of Gracia® correspond roughly to the symptoms of an overactive thyroid: nausea, gastrointestinal complaints, dizziness or increased blood pressure.
The frequency of these side effects is stated in the package insert as "very rare".

An existing overactive thyroid (for example, in Graves' disease or thyroid adenoma) can be made worse by the use of Gracia.


There are no known interactions of Gracia® slimming drops with other drugs.
If the prescribed dosages are adhered to, the amount of alcohol contained is also no problem.
However, if the dosage is exceeded by far, there may be interactions between other drugs and alcohol.

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Gracia® slimming drops should not be used with known thyroid diseases without medical advice.
If you are known to be hypersensitive to iodine, Gracia® slimming drops should be avoided.

Insufficient data are available for the use of Gracia® during pregnancy and breastfeeding and for use in children under the age of 12; the drops should not be used here.
Because of the high alcohol content (90 percent by volume) alcoholics should not take Gracia® slimming drops.

Dosage and application

Gracia® slimming drops are only available in homeopathic D2 dilution.

The application can be diluted or undiluted: It is recommended to take the drops one to three times a day (for example before meals) straight or diluted in a glass of water or tea. Each single dose should be 5 drops.

The drops come with a dropper, which should be held vertically for the most accurate dosage possible.
Even if Gracia® slimming drops are a homeopathic medicine, longer use (over weeks) should be discussed with a doctor.

The use of Gracia® slimming drops cannot replace a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

These are the ingredients

The active ingredient in Gracia® slimming drops is called Fucus vesiculosus; this is the Latin name of the brown alga bladderwrack, which occurs in the North Atlantic, in the North and Baltic Seas.
The alga has been used in natural medicine for centuries.
It contains a high proportion of iodine (0.1-05%), which is probably the most effective part of the drug.

The plant also contains beta-carotene, bromine, alginic acid, polyphenols (which have been shown to have an antibiotic effect), xanthophylls (fucoxanthin), polysaccharides and pectin-like mucilage.

In addition to the active ingredient Fucus vesiculosus, the Gracia® slimming drops contain 90% by volume of ethanol (pure alcohol).
It is therefore not recommended to alcoholics.

Gracia® slimming drops and alcohol - are they compatible?

Gracia® slimming drops consist mainly of alcohol.
It is therefore safe to drink other alcohol while taking Gracia® slimming drops; there will in all probability not be harmful interactions.

It should be noted, however, that alcohol itself contains an extremely high number of calories per gram, more than carbohydrates or proteins.
In this respect, consuming large amounts of alcohol is certainly counterproductive when losing weight.

How much do Gracia® slimming drops cost?

Gracia® slimming drops are available from pharmacies without a prescription.

You can get 50ml for around 20 €, which corresponds to 400 € per liter.
The larger 100ml bottle is available for just under € 30, which corresponds to € 300 per liter.