Home remedies for a nail fungus


Nail mycosis, onychomycosis, tinea unguium


The term nail fungus describes a fungal infection (Dermatophytosis) which can appear on both toenails and fingernails (nail fungus on the finger).

root cause

Nail fungus is of various types Thread and sprout fungi triggered. In most cases the genus can be colonized with those affected Trichophyton rubrum prove. In addition, can also Yeast or molds lead to the development of nail fungus.


The typical causative agents of fungal infections of the hands and Feet (especially the nails) attach to the one on the skin, the Hair and nails keratin. Furthermore put moist and warm body regions the ideal habitat for mushrooms.
Accordingly, the pathogens prefer to colonize on the toes, between the toes, the groin, the armpits and on other skin folds on. It is precisely in these places that the warm, humid “climate” ensures that the fungus grows multiply and spread can.
In the area of ​​the feet in particular, nail fungus often develops on the floor of one common athlete's foot infection. However, nail fungus can also be caused by a direct infection of the nails to be triggered. Especially public swimming pools, Saunas, Gyms, have a shower or Changing rooms are contaminated with various fungal spores. Patients who are frequently in such places and who do not disinfect their hands and feet regularly can quickly develop nail fungus.
In addition, it can be shown that primarily patients who Diabetes mellitus or Circulatory disorders often suffer from nail fungus. The risk of a fungal infection also increases with age. This fact is due to the fact that the decreased immune activity of the organism makes it more susceptible to pathogens. Also has a wide variety of Medication one promoting influence on the spread of fungal infections.

The pathogen responsible for the nail fungus on fingernails and toenails is usually transmitted by means of smear or contact infection transfer. This can be done directly from Person-to-person or over shared items happen.
The presence of a nail fungus is usually evident not immediately after infection. The underlying pathogens often colonize the skin and the nail initially without triggering symptoms. However, severe symptoms occur, especially in the advanced stages of the infection.

To the most common signs the presence of nail fungus include:

  • white or yellow Discoloration of the nail
  • white, yellow or gray-brown stains on the nail substance
  • Thickenings the nail plate
  • Dull nails
  • Brittleness of the nail

Home remedies

Medicationthat are used to treat nail fungus are usually only against a prescription (Prescription only) available in pharmacies. It can also reduce the cost of such drugs very high be. For this reason, many sufferers swear by the Use simple home remedies.

These home remedies are both cheaper, as well as much more tolerable than comparable drugs. In addition, many common home remedies bribe against Nail fungus through their simple and user-friendly usability.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Most of these home remedies are simply applied to the nail.

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most popular Home remedies for treatment of nail fungus. Because it is easy to obtain, or in many households generally in stock, it is very popular among those affected.

In addition, the actual application of this product is quite simple:

  1. Before applying the apple cider vinegar to the affected nail Dilute in a ratio of 1: 1 with ordinary tap water.
  2. A clean cloth or piece of cloth soak in the apple cider vinegar-water solution.
  3. Apply evenly and generously to the infected nail Instruct. For the surrounding skin there is also contact with the solution no danger.
  4. The nail dry thoroughly (deprives the causative fungus of its necessary habitat for reproduction).
  5. Always after use put on fresh socksto prevent the spread of germs.

The mechanism of action of apple cider vinegar is based on its fungicidal properties. Basically any kind of vinegar can be chosen for the treatment of nail fungus. A foot bath in apple cider vinegar can also fight nail fungus by increasing blood circulation and thus promote the healing process.

The use of apple cider vinegar as a home remedy should be over once a day for about one to two weeks be performed. Only in this way can the affected nail grow back healthily. First improvements in the nail image can be after just a few days to be expected.

Tea tree and lavender oil

Especially Tea tree and lavender oil are suitable for the quick, easy and effective treatment of fungal infections of the nails.

Both oils develop their effect for one reason strong antifungal (fungicidal) effect. Furthermore, neither tea tree nor lavender oil has any relevant side effects, as they are over no chemical ingredients feature. Using both oils as home remedies for nail fungus usually takes time just a few minutes. Unlike the use of apple cider vinegar, a dilution with tap water is here unnecessary.

The victim should be a clean cloth or cotton ball Dip into the oil solution and then spread generously on the infected nail. In order to effectively eliminate the nail fungus and to guarantee the regrowth of a healthy nail, the application of the oil should three to four times a day for a week be repeated. The first improvement in the nail pattern can be seen on the third day. If the nail fungus infestation does not subside within 2 weeks despite regular application of the oil, a must in any case Consulted a doctor become.

baking powder

Ordinary baking soda is one of the most promising home remedies for self-therapy of nail fungus. Another benefit of this product is the fact that baking soda is good found in every household is. Before the first application, this home remedy should be in one small bowl of tap water be mixed. The application can begin as soon as a viscous mass has formed. With the help of a clean cloth or swab, the affected person can remove the tough mass on the infected nail rise up.

However, the baking soda method is used to treat nail fungus not after a single application effective. Over a period of at least a week should be the nail fully coated several times a day become.

A medical explanation for the effect or a precise mechanism of action of the baking powder is so far unfortunately not known.

Own urine

The use of Own urine (more precisely that Application of midstream urine) is considered to be an effective home remedy for eliminating the annoying nail fungus. Applying it to the infected nail area can do that Inhibited growth of the fungus and its spread will be stopped.

Most patients do not feel comfortable using urine for medical purposes. However, it must be said that midstream urine is used in many medical fields achieve verifiable effects can. Especially in the early stages, nail fungus can be caused by contact with midstream urine eliminate completely. In the case of nail fungus in an advanced stage, however, therapeutic success cannot be guaranteed.


Garlic juice

garlic can be in twofold can be used as home remedies in the event of nail fungus:

  1. In which Consumption of garlic or garlic-containing foods can help the nail fungus from the inside out the Gar can be made out. The affected patient can use the garlic either to eat raw or squeeze into a juice and then drink. In addition, garlic is also considered to be helpful in many systemic diseases.
  2. If the fungal attack is particularly strong, the Juice of garlic can also be applied to the affected areas. Already after a few days the first successes of the treatment can be demonstrated.

Epsom salt

Also Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) can be used to treat nail fungus. Downside to this home remedy is the fact that in very few households Epsom salt is in stock. Still, it can be found in most pharmacies and drug stores acquired cheaply become.

Epsom salt should be in about a glass before use Dissolved tap water and then on the infected nail be applied. To about two weeks it can be clearly seen that healthy nail substance is growing back on the infected fingers.

Toothpaste / toothpaste

Commercially available toothpaste represents the both cheapest, as well as on easiest to procure Method for the therapy of fungal nails.

Toothpaste should be available in every household. The use of this home remedy is just as simple as that of the preparations already presented. Easy smeared on the nail fungus unfolds what is contained in the cream fluoride its effect. Fluor has one strong antifungal effect. The multiplication of the causative pathogen is quickly stopped and even existing fungi can be killed. The first effects are very quick, already after just a few days, visible.

Figure nail fungus

Figure: healthy nail (A) and nail fungus symptoms (B)

Nail - Unguis

  1. Free edge (of the nail) -
    Margo liber
  2. Cover fabric of the nail bed -
  3. Nail plate -
    Lamina unguis
  4. Nail fold - Matric sulcus
  5. "Moondchen" - Lunula
  6. Horny layer of the nail wall -
  7. Distal phalanx -
    Phalanx distalis
  8. Nail root - Margo occultus
    Nail fungus -
    Onychomycosis, Tinea unguium
    Nail fungus symptoms
  9. Brittleness,
    Crumbling of the nail
  10. Thickening of the nail
  11. Whitish, yellow or
    gray-brown spots in the nail
  12. White or yellowish
    Discoloration on the edge of the nail
  13. Dullness of the nail
  14. Chipping of the nail

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