Hedera helix

German term


General remark

Further information on using the Ivy as Medicinal plants in the Naturopathy can be found under our topic: ivy.

Use of Hedera helix for the following diseases in homeopathy

  • Chronic rheumatoid arthritis with severe pain in arms, legs and in the move, changing from place to place
  • Enlarged thyroid with tightness in the neck

Use of Hedera helix for the following symptoms / complaints

  • Partly better through exercise
  • Pins and needles, stiffness of the limbs
  • Menstrual period in women delayed, weak and abbreviated
  • Excessive tiredness and exhaustion (gets a little better during your period)

Everything better through food and in the fresh air.

Active organs

  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Ovaries
  • thyroid

Usual dosage

Commonly used doses in homeopathy:

  • Drops D6, D12