Autumn crocus

Latin name: Colchicum autumnale
Genus: Autumn crops
Common names: Poison crocus, hen poison, autumn flower


The autumn crocus is very poisonous and can be fatal!

Plant description Herbstzeitlose

Plant description: In autumn, bare stems grow from a heart-shaped bulb of onions, at the end of which there are crocus-like, blue flowers. After the flower has been pollinated, the ovary with the seeds ripens under the ground and is pushed to the surface together with the leaves in the next spring.
Flowering time: September
Occurrence: On moist meadows, the plant prefers the south.

Plant parts used medicinally

The seeds and the tuber (onion)


The main active ingredient is the very toxic one Colchicine, other alkaloids.

Healing effects and application of the autumn crocus

Excellent remedy for acute Gout attacks. The autumn crocus is very poisonus and a Self-treatment can not. Prescription only by the doctor.

Use in homeopathy

In homeopathy, the remedy is used Colchicum primarily used to treat acute inflammation in the Gastrointestinal area With Diarrhea and Convulsions, Vomit and connected with it Tendency to collapse applied. Just the sight and smell of food makes you vomit. Also at gout and acute Rheumatoid arthritis. Also at Inflammation of the heart muscle with heart stitches, fast, small, soft pulse.

Aggravation of the symptoms with the smell of food, touch, cold, movement and at night. Improvement through warmth and rest. The low potencies are chosen for gout attacks D2 to D4. With heart problems and gastrointestinal diseases are more likely D4 and D6 displayed.

Colchicum is prescription only until finally D3!

side effect

Nausea, great thirst, violent vomiting, diarrhea with cramps, considerably accelerated, flat pulse, cramps up to Signs of paralysis.
Consult a doctor immediately if you suspect it.