Cardiac sports group


A cardio exercise group is an exercise group for people with various heart conditions. Most groups meet once a week to do movement training and rehabilitation exercises together. They are instructed by a qualified trainer and at the same time medically supervised.

The goal in a cardiac sports group is not to achieve top athletic performance. Rather, it is about avoiding incorrect restraint / postures and realizing anew your own performance as well as your own limits, which have changed due to the heart disease.

Who benefits from a cardiac sports group?

Cardiac sports groups direct their program to people with heart disease of all kinds. These include coronary artery disease and the Angina pectoris (Chest and heart pain due to insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle). People who have previously suffered a heart attack, have had a stent inserted or have had bypass surgery can also take part in the training sessions. People with pacemakers or defibrillators can also benefit from participating in a cardiac exercise group. The group is also aimed at people with heart defects and heart valve defects (regardless of whether these are congenital or acquired in the course of life).

Participation in the exercise lessons is also useful for diseases of the heart muscles. Even patients who have had a new heart transplant can take part in the cardio exercise group and benefit from the exercises.

Since a cardiac sports group covers a wide range of heart diseases, the exercises performed in each case are very different and adapted to the disease and general health of each individual. What the ideal participation of each individual in the exercise group looks like is worked out jointly by exercise instructors, doctors and patients.

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What is being done there?

Basically, the exercises in the lessons in the cardio group are based on the Efficiency every single person. To for all one adequate skill level To create, the participants are divided into two different groups. Persons who have a service of over 75 watts (for example on a stationary bike), form the so-called Training group. Those participants who under the 75 watts Remaining border belong to Exercise group.

The activities of a cardiac sports group are not aimed exclusively at one Fitness trainingwhich that Cardiovascular system should strengthen. The range of exercises includes Body training, Move and endurance as well as Strengthening exercises. Also should coordination and balance to be trained. The various exercises are often built into small sports games. With every exercise, the rehabilitation in the foreground. Overwork and overload should be avoided.

Cardio exercise groups are often not designed for exercise alone. Rather, too social aspects supported. Many cardiac sports groups regularly organize excursions, hikes or walks, evening events and other activities where the members can talk to each other and exchange ideas.

Payers of a cardiac sports group

The cost of participating in a cardiac exercise group can be covered in various ways. Of course it is possible to finance the membership out of pocket. However, this is not the usual route. Usually you get one medical prescription of a Cardiologists (in rare cases also from a family doctor) for the cardiac sports group, as the participation of the rehabilitation serves. The costs will then be borne by either the Health or pension insurance carried. Which body is responsible for assuming the costs is different in each individual case. However, before participation begins, the financing should be clarified in consultation with the referring doctor.

Exercises in a cardio group

The activities of a cardiac sports group are not aimed exclusively at conditioning training aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. The range of exercises includes physical training, exercise and endurance as well as strengthening exercises and gymnastics. In addition, coordination and balance should be trained to prevent falls in addition to cardiovascular training. Various exercises also contribute to your own body awareness. In small sports games, memory exercises can be built in parallel to physical training.

In the summer months in particular, walks, hikes and Nordic walking are offered. Rehabilitation is the focus of every exercise. Overwork and overload should be avoided. Since stress can also be a possible cause of many cardiovascular diseases, relaxation exercises are often performed.

Endurance training in cardiac sports groups

Many different exercises are suitable as endurance training. First of all, it is important to be physically active. With regard to your own heart disease, you should definitely avoid overloading. In cardiac sports groups, endurance training is offered in different ways. For example, fitness training on the stationary bike can improve endurance. Physical training is also possible on the treadmill. Various short exercises can also be combined into one endurance exercise in circuit training. Many sports games involve exercise and small challenges. Endurance training is carried out automatically, while concentration is mostly directed to the game itself. Walks and Nordic walking are particularly suitable for endurance training when the weather is good. If there is a little more time, hiking is also popular. What also strengthens endurance are aerobic exercises or water aerobics. Alternatively, there are trainings in which dance steps are learned. With a little practice, dancing can also build endurance.

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