Hoggar® Night

application areas

Hogger® Night promotes falling asleep and staying asleep.

The medicinal product Hoggar® Night Tablets is mainly used for the short-term treatment of sleep disorders. It accelerates falling asleep, promotes sleeping through the night and has no disruptive influence on the sleep rhythm.

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Mechanism of action

Hoggar® Night heard is a drug from the group of Sedatives and Hypnotics. In addition, it is a Antihistamine. histamine is a endogenous substance, which among others Mast cells, granulocytes and the tissue is distributed. For one, it increases the Permeability of the capillary walls (permeability), promotes the Expansion of the vessels and on the other hand it has one sensitizing effect on the Pain receptors. This means that they become more sensitive to the transmission of pain. Hoggar® Night blocks the H1 receptor on which histamine exerts its effect under physiological conditions. In addition to this blocking, a calming (sedative) effect be detected. For this effect is the ingredient Doxylamine responsible. This is a Ethanol derivative, which has a good affinity for the H1 receptor.

Hangover effect

Of the Ingredient doxylamine has a duration of action of about 3 to 6 hours. Is taken into account that after taking a healthy sleep duration receives, the effect does not last into the next day, but only promotes sleep at the right time. It then does not affect waking up in the morning. When used correctly, the patient feels relaxed, awake and in his own the next day Conductivity not restricted.


There Hoggar® Night the active ingredient Doxylamine contains, it may in case of intolerance (allergy) of the named active ingredient are not taken. The same applies to all other active ingredients that the drug contains. Furthermore you have to refrain from taking itwhen you're under one acute asthma attack suffers when one at glaucoma (Narrow-angle glaucoma) in one Adrenal tumor (Pheochromocytoma), at a Magnification of the Protruding gland (Prostate hypertrophy) With Residual urine, at acute alcohol intoxication, Sleeping pills or pain relievers such as Psychotropic drugs (Neuroleptics, tranquilizers, Antidepressants, lithium), just like Seizure disorders as well as at simultaneous treatment with inhibitors of monoamine oxidase.

Special features when taking

If you are under a impaired liver function suffers, as well as that heart is pre-damaged or one under high blood pressure suffers, moreover chronic breathing difficulties and asthma and at insufficient closure of the gastric entrance with reflux of food into the esophagus (gastroesophageal reflux), you have to be very careful when taking it. It can also be identified in patients with neurological brain damage in the Cerebral cortex and known Seizures Even small amounts of the drug can cause other large seizures. When a Sugar intolerance you should "Hoggar® Night tablets“Only take after consultation with the attending physician, as one of the ingredients Lactose is.

Likewise should Children and young people not with the "Hoggar® Night tablets" be treated. Older patients also belong to the group of people who receive treatment with Hoggar® Night only under strict indication should be carried out.

It offers one good alternative to other medicines if they did not work. Nevertheless, as with many drugs, it is here that the Side effects in the elderly can occur more frequently. Through the sedative effect there is also a increased risk of falling.

Pregnant patient should consult the attending physician before taking. Taking during the Lactation should also be discussed with the doctor. Often it is advised against and switched to another sleep aid because the ingredients of Hoggar® Night passed into breast milk.

The use of the drug should not with the consumption of alcohol correlate. Furthermore it impairs responsiveness, so that you should refrain from driving after taking a tablet. The Operation of electrical devices, Machines and other vehicles are also prohibited in order not to endanger the health of yourself or other people.

Duration of use

A pill Hoggar® Night contains 25mg Doxylamine succinate. It is taken according to the instructions of the attending physician. You can also get more information from the pharmacy. One tablet is recommended in the evening about 1 to 1.5 hours to be taken with a glass of water at bedtime. At very severe difficulty falling asleep can increase the dose two tablets increase. This is the maximum dose and should not be exceeded. The time of ingestion should be such that the patient has a sufficient amount of sleep after the administration. Then the drug is best for a restful and uninterrupted sleep. The tablet can be used for both acute as well as chronic sleep disorders can be used. When treating a chronic sleep disorder the dose may be reduced after prolonged use. This can be used to check whether a further application is necessary or whether the patient does one again physiological sleep hygiene has developed.

Side effects

The side effect of Hoggar® Night are diverse, but do not have to occur. In addition, every single adverse effect of the drug is listed in the package inserts. In patients with a Adrenal tumor it can with the gift of Antihistamines, to whom too Hoggar® Night counts, certain substances are released from the tumor. These then have serious consequences and affect it Cardiovascular system. Regarding that heart can continue Cardiac arrhythmias, Tachycardia and EKG changes occur. When investigating the Laboratories can finally be a Decrease in leukocytes and platelets to be watched. Side effects like nausea, Vomit, diarrhea, Increase or decrease in appetite such as Pain in the stomach are also known.


Signs of an overdose from Hoggar® Night are initially centrally conditioned symptoms. This includes besides Restlessness also increased muscle reflexes, unconsciousness, Respiratory depression and Cardiovascular arrest. All these symptoms are serious consequences and should be immediately and intensively monitored and treated. Further indications of an increased dose are Dilation of the pupils, accelerated heart work (Tachycardia), fever, heated skin and dry mucous membranes. As an immediate countermeasure, the Stomach contents pumped out to prevent further absorption of the drug into the body. The symptoms are treated symptomatically with appropriate counter-drugs.