Homeopathy for high blood pressure


Homeopathic remedies should only be used in conjunction with medicinal therapy!

Also at homeopathic remedies As with medicine, the division into means applies to the so-called essential hypertension With unknown cause on the one hand and on the other hand at the secondary hypertension their Cause known is.

The homeopathic remedy is found after an intensive questioning (anamnesis) of the patient. Homeopathic remedies can be used concomitantly after consulting a doctor. They do not replace therapy with prescribed drugs.

Basic remedy for essential hypertension

In the case of essential blood pressure, there are some homeopathic remedies that can support drug therapy:

  • garlic (Allium sativum): An important remedy for calcified blood vessels and high blood pressure. Especially in people with a feeling of fullness after eating, burning and heaviness in the stomach, belching, heartburn, also constipation. Usually one uses the agent in the D3 to D6 (degree of dilution).
  • Hawthorn (Crataegus): The patients suffer from heart restlessness, Dizziness, a headache, Insomnia. If having seizures Chest tightness, Pain and shortness of breath can only be treated preventively with Crataegus, the cardiac blood flow is improved and the tendency to seizures is reduced. Most common potency D3 to D6.
  • Silver nitrate (Argentum nitricum): Emaciated people, gray, aged prematurely, hasty, impatient. Restlessness, dizziness. Fearful basic attitude, fear of exams, confined spaces, also of everyday situations. Size fear before illness and before death. Plagued by extreme Flatulence, boring headache in the forehead area, stomach pain are improved by counter pressure. The patients report problems with finding words. Craving for sweet foods that are poorly tolerated. Commonly D4 to D6. Prescription up to D3!
  • Nugget (Nux vomica): Irritable, overworked sedentary people, overworked city dwellers. Quick-tempered, do not tolerate contradiction, everything is cramped, dullness and confusion in the head. Irritant abuse (in the evening alcohol, nicotine, eat a lot). Morning tiredness, headache, nausea. All complaints are relieved by rest, and are worse in the morning after eating. Commonly D4 to D12. Prescription up to D3!
  • Yellow phosphorus (Phosphorus): Great hyperexcitability, one cannot rest, sit or stand for a moment. Scary people too depressions tend. You always feel a burden on your chest and around the heart. Pulsating headache, dizziness with fainting. Palpitations are made worse by lying to the left. Sometimes radiating Pain in the left arm. The symptoms worsen in the evening and at night and in the cold. Improvement through rest and sleep. Commonly D6 to D12. Prescription up to and including D3!
  • mistletoe (Viscum album): Pulsating headache, palpitations, pressure on the chest. Tends to inner restlessness, rush of blood to the head, red face. The symptoms worsen in the evening and at night and in a warm room. Better by moderate exercise in the fresh air. Commonly D4 to D12.
  • Nitroglycerin (Glonoinum): People with bright red faces, extremely irritable and quick-tempered. As a result, rush of blood to the head, increase in blood pressure. Pounding headache, worse on bending head back. All complaints worse from heat and alcohol, better in the fresh air. Commonly D4 to D6.

Remedy for secondary high blood pressure

Here is initially the treatment of the offending disease in the foreground.

So first the possible Change in blood vessels, diseases of the endocrine system or the kidneys treated. There are corresponding homeopathic remedies for these basic diseases.

High blood pressure in women during menopause

During this transition phase, blood pressure can rise, even in women who previously had low blood pressure.

  • Snake venom (Lachesis): The women look sad and discouraged. Switch between exhilaration and depression. Heaviness on the chest, palpitations. Tight clothing is not tolerated, especially around the neck and waist. Strong sensitivity to touch. The women are excited, talkative. Having hot flashes Sweating, then improvement. Damp weather and calm make the symptoms worse. In the morning everything is worse, in the evening very lively and eager to work. Light movement improves. Commonly D6 to D12. Prescription up to and including D3.
  • Canadian blood root (Sanguinaria): Hot flashes with rush of blood to the head. Hot and burning hands and feet. a headache behind the eyes. Red face, throbbing pulse that can be felt in the head. Commonly D3, D4.
  • Octopus (sepia): The women are irritable and moody, exhausted and neglect their duties. Miserable and weak in the morning. Frequent hot flashes, bursting headaches, constipation. The air in warm, stuffy rooms is not tolerated. Relief of discomfort when exercising in the fresh air. Commonly D3 to D 12.

Means for a high pressure crisis

These can occur very suddenly even in well-adjusted patients. Treatment with homeopathic remedies alone is not indicated! You can use homeopathic remedies here only accompanying to treat.

  • Blue monkshood (Aconite): Sudden onset, fear of death, great restlessness, heart stitches that radiate into the left arm. Fast and hard pulse, dizziness, bursting Headache. The crisis was often preceded by a stressful life situation with fright and fear. In the evening, at night and in the warmth, the symptoms get worse. Commonly D4, D6. Prescription up to and including D3!
  • Forest rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus): Heaviness on the chest, palpitations, sudden Epistaxis. Pulse hard and fast. Headache with tenderness. Symptoms are worst in the morning, moderate exercise improves. Commonly used from D8 to D12 and higher.

Increase in blood pressure during pregnancy

An increase in blood pressure during the pregnancy can always be a reference to a beginning "Poisoning during pregnancy" be.

So you have to seek medical treatment immediately go.

During pregnancy, a refrain from homeopathic self-treatment. Homeopathic remedies only after consultation and prescription by the doctor!