Homeopathy for warts


Waszen and their sub-forms such as Dellar warts are generally through local application with ointments or tinctures, surgical removal or Cold therapy (cryotherapy) treated.

In the homeopathy Warts are also treated from the inside by giving drops or tablets. Treatment of WasZen can be difficult and tedious. In the other case, however, warts suddenly come and go without any therapy.

  • Remove warts
  • Freeze warts

Homeopathic classification of warts

  • Soft, flat warts without cornification
  • Hard, keratinized warts
  • Softer warts with less cornification

Homeopathic medicines

The following are suitable for soft, flat warts without cornification homeopathic medicines:

  • Chelidonium (celandine)
  • Silicea (silica)

Chelidonium (celandine)

  • Flat warts that are particularly common in children and adolescents
  • They hardly stand out in color from the surrounding skin and do not show any cornification on the surface
  • Mainly on the hands, forearms, or face

find application Chelidonium (celandine) especially with Drop D6 and as Chelidonium tincture for dabbing warts.

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Silicea (silica)

  • Internal treatment of the warts described above in children and adolescents
  • Generally poor healing skin
  • Weak children too Colds and tend to suppuration
  • Often depressed

Typical dosage of Silicea (silica) for warts: Tablets D6

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Homeopathic medicines

At hard and keratinizing warts without cornification the following fit homeopathic medicines:

  • Antimonium crudum (black spike gloss)
  • Causticum (burnt lime)

Antimonium crudum (black spike gloss)

  • Horny, hard and rather flat ones Warts
  • Occur preferentially to the Hands and on the soles of the feet (plantar warts)
  • Typical for the remedy are flat warts which are hardly higher than the skin itself
  • To the Feet generally strong corneal formation with calluses
  • Morose mood patients.

General dosage of Antimonium crudum (black spike gloss): Tablets D12

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Causticum (burnt lime)

  • The warts are hard, horny, cracked, jagged and usually have existed for a long time
  • Because of their rough surface, they are exposed to increased mechanical stress (especially on the hands), they bleed, become inflamed, fester and become painful
  • Preferential appearance on hands, fingers near fingernails
  • Can also appear as pedunculated warts then preferably on the face, on the eyelids, on the nose
  • Patient with extremely keen sense of justice, you can't see anyone suffer

General dosage of Causticum (burnt lime): Tablets D12

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Homeopathic medicines

At softer warts with less cornification fit the following homeopathic medicines:

  • Acidum nitricum (nitric acid)
  • Thuja occidentalis (Occidental Tree of Life)

Acidum nitricum (nitric acid)

  • Usually soft, piercing warts with thinner ones skin on the surface
  • Also serrated or toothed shape, also stalked
  • Preferred appearance on hands, lips, eyelids and in the area of ​​the anus, here weeping
  • Splinter pain
  • Generally foul smelling perspiration

With warts can with Acidum nitricum (nitric acid) can be used in the following dosage: Tablets D12

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Thuja occidentalis (Occidental Tree of Life)

  • Soft, stinging, touch-sensitive warts that stand alone and isolated
  • The warts are rather large, bleed easily, and can ooze and itch
  • An unpleasant smell can also occur
  • The surface is furrowed and dark, brownish-yellow in color
  • Preferred occurrence:
    • hands
    • finger
    • Face (chin)
    • Eyelids
    • around the lips
    • on neck
    • Move.

With warts can with Thuja occidentalis (Occidental Tree of Life) can be used in the following dosage: Drop D12

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