Homeopathy for earache

Homeopathic medicines

Earache in connection with an incipient general infection with a stormy beginning is best treated in the initial stage with the following homeopathic medicines:

  • Aconitum (blue monkshood)
  • Belladonna (deadly nightshade)

However, for earache with a gradual onset, the following are homeopathic medicines suitable:

  • Magnesium phosphoricum (after exposure to cold)
  • Ferrum phosphoricum (for colds and runny nose)

Aconitum (blue monkshood)

  • Stormy beginning with great restlessness, dry fever and chilliness (also chills)
  • goes into a state of dry, hot skin
  • Face red when lying down, pale when sitting up
  • Pulse fast, hard and well filled
  • Exposure to cold, dry weather (sharp east wind)
  • The sick (often children) wake up in the night (before midnight) with great anxiety
  • Earache is associated with strong sensitivity to noise
  • Violent thirst
  • Everything worse in the hot room and at night

Typical dosage of Aconitum (blue monkshood) for earache: Drops or globules D6

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Belladonna (deadly nightshade)

Prescription up to and including D3!

  • Sudden onset of a general infection with red, sweaty skin
  • Violent palpitation and throbbing sensations all over the body, but especially on the red head
  • Hot, steaming sweat in bed with chilliness when uncovered (wants to stay covered!)
  • Dry mucous membranes and much thirst for cold water
  • Body hot, arms and legs rather frosty
  • Pain in the ear is felt knocking and pounding
  • Used in the early stages, belladonna can prevent otitis media from developing
  • Aggravated by cold, tremors, drafts, and excitement
  • Better with warmth.

Typical dosage of Belladonna (deadly nightshade) for earache: Tablets D6.

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Magnesium phosphoricum

  • Severe ear pain after walking in the cold wind or swimming in cold water
  • Very severe and spasmodic pain
  • Suitable for tired, exhausted people who do not like mental exertion
  • Worse from cold water and cold air
  • better through warmth

Typical dosage of Magnesium phosphoricum for earache: Tablets D6.

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Ferrum phosphoricum

  • For colds, before otitis media and suppuration occur, Ferrum phosphoricum is the drug of choice
  • The disease develops slowly (not as stormy as with aconite and belladonna)
  • The fever rises slowly, the complexion is sometimes pale and sometimes red
  • Pulse, fast, soft and easy to suppress
  • Throbbing pain in the ear (you can feel the pulse in your ear)
  • Tendency to nosebleeds
  • Little thirst
  • Everything worse at night (especially early in the morning between 4 and 6 a.m.)
  • Better by cold applications and walking slowly around

Typical dosage of Ferrum phosphoricum for earache: Tablets D6 or D12.

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