Child emergencies from unconsciousness


It can also lead to unconsciousness (child emergencies) in children without an accident or fall having to be preceded. It is therefore important to rule out a previous accident at the beginning of treatment. The more precise and detailed the description can be made, usually by the parents, the faster and more targeted the treatment can be. The loss of consciousness is always an absolute emergency.


Hypoglycaemia can lead to unconsciousness.

In childhood, meningitis in particular can trigger unconsciousness in an advanced stage. Furthermore, seizures (epilepsy) or metabolic disorders, such as low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) or a too low sodium content in the blood (hyponatremia) as well as a coma due to an excess of sugar (ketoacidotic coma). Also, the consideration of a poisoning that causes unconsciousness should always be made.


In addition to the parent survey, measures must be taken as soon as possible in the event of unconsciousness. The blood test can reveal any inflammatory processes that are taking place Computed Tomography (CT) can diagnose bleeding, tumors, and traumatic brain injuries. A quick and important research method is that Blood glucose testingwhich can reveal a metabolic cause of unconsciousness within a few seconds.


In many cases, an infusion solution with sugar is enough to make the unconsciousness disappear. In the parent survey, the onset of unconsciousness should be asked whether they are with VomitSeizures, seizures or clouding began together and whether there has been a history of seizures or loss of consciousness.