Knee school

A knee school should strengthen the thigh extensor muscles, the quadriceps muscles and stretch ligaments and tendons.
Exercises are presented in detail on the next few pages.

Idea of ​​the knee school

The Knee school the goal is a damaged knee joint (Knee osteoarthritis) to stabilize and thus make them symptom-free, but also to keep complaint-free knee joints in this state.

Here should Muscles trained, but also Tendons and Tapes be stretched.

We have divided our knee school into the following subject areas:

  • Knee school: exercises of the quadriceps
  • Knee school: exercises for the hamstrings in osteoarthritis
  • Knee school: muscle shortening / ligament shortening

Training modalities

Repetitions: 3-4 series of 10-15 repetitions with 10sec. Holding time, the break between the training series is 1-2 minutes, train every 2nd day

Exercise intensity: approx. 60% of the maximum strength

Subjective review: in repetitions 7-10, the load must be clearly felt, attention should be paid to tremors from fatigue.

Objective: The systematic training should increase the load and improve stability. The resilience of the cartilage can only be increased by increasing the load.

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The knee joint is one of the joints with the greatest stress.

Therefore, the treatment of the knee joint (e.g. meniscus tear, cartilage damage, cruciate ligament damage, runner's knee, etc.) requires a lot of experience.
I treat a wide variety of knee diseases in a conservative way.
The aim of any treatment is treatment without surgery.

Which therapy achieves the best results in the long term can only be determined after looking at all of the information (Examination, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.) be assessed.

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Cave: With the strength exercises, about half of the individual VAS pain value (visual analog scale, pain measurement between 1 and 10) be tolerated. There should be no pain after the exercise!