Kytta ointment®

Synonyms in a broader sense

  • Traumaplant®

Latin name: Symphytum officiale


The mobility of the human body is based on the interaction of bones, joints and muscles.
If this structure is disturbed, it means a major reduction in the quality of life. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system develop. The skeleton, for example, also called the skeleton, determines the shape of the body. The bone substance is built up and broken down.
Bone substance is built up up to the age of 30. Then the balance is reversed and bone loss begins.

Especially with women in the menopause the risk of poorly healing fractures increases.
Joint diseases caused by heavy wear and tear occur with advanced age. The joints are exposed to the greatest stress throughout life. The muscles are connected to the bones through the tendons. If this balance the complaints begin.

Use of Kytta Salbe®

At acute conditions, such as muscle pain, blunt injuries such as bruises, bruises, Pulled muscles, Ruptured muscle fibers, Sprains and sores, are herbal medicines or Medicinal herbs, how Comfreye.g. in the form of Kytta Salbe® in some cases perfectly adequate.
To the forms more acute Muscle aches belong Muscle spasms, aching and Muscle hardening.
Blunt injuries are torn muscle fibers, pulled muscles, bruises, bruises, sprains and sprains of the joints.

Today you can Kytta ointment® can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription. The finished preparation in the form of an ointment is a high-dose Beinwellextakt. After the external application of the Kytta-Ointment®, the pain generally subsides quickly, the swelling subsides, and the inflammation is inhibited.

In the case of severe complaints, an ointment bandage from the Kytta Salbe® can be applied.

A doctor should definitely accompany the treatment. The herbal pain ointment is very well tolerated.
1g Kytta-Salbe® contains 350 mg comfrey root extract. The Kytta-Salbe® is proven to be particularly successful at Ankle sprains used.

The area to be treated must be massaged in well with Kytta-Salbe® several times a day. The skin must not have any external injuries!

The treatment should be repeated until the symptoms subside.

Therapy and Effect

Medicinal herbs are particularly suitable for treating these complaints mentioned above Comfrey. The herb and roots of the medicinal herb comfrey are excellent anti-inflammatory agents.
The blood circulation is promoted, the swellings decrease and the bone healing is stimulated.
The Kytta ointment®, a product made from the comfrey root, is now the herbal pain ointment 1st choice. Kytta Salbe® relieves swelling in blunt injuries, or bruises, sprains and bruises.

For chronic joint diseases like arthrosis and arthritis (Joint inflammation), one finds with the Kytta-Salbe®, a supporting effect, in addition to chemical-synthetic means.

The Kytta ointment® is only to be used externally on intact skin.

The medicinal plant comfrey, from whose root extract the Kytta-Salbe® is made, promotes the healing of wounds and injuries.

The ingredient Choline inhibits the formation of edema and promotes blood circulation. Allantoin promotes cell growth and thus the new tissue.
The high-dose comfrey root extract relieves pain, inhibits inflammation and ensures that the swelling in the tissue subsides.

Background comfrey

The medicinal properties of the medicinal plant comfrey were already known in ancient times. Broken bones, Bruising and Bruises were treated with a comfrey root pad. Hildegard von Bingen healed tears in the peritoneum with comfrey.
The medicinal plant received the name Comfrey because of its medicinal properties. “Waves” means growing together, “leg” refers to the bones or bones. The healing properties of comfrey emerge from old records.
The ancient Romans prepared a root paste for treating injured soldiers in the event of broken bones, bruises and bruises.

Side effects and contraindications

Although the Kytta-Salbe® is a herbal product, you can allergic reaction cannot be excluded.

People with Peanut allergies should avoid the ointment, as peanut oil was also processed.
From the application during the pregnancy and Lactation is not advisable as there is no scientific knowledge. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist before treating your symptoms with Kytta-Salbe®.