Lamisil® is the trade name for terbinafine, a drug used in the treatment of fungal infections (Mycoses) is used. Terbinafine intervenes in the formation of the fungal membrane by inhibiting the production of an essential substance of the fungal membrane, the ergosterol.
Accordingly, terbinafine has a fungicidal effect. Lamisil® can be applied locally (topically) in the form of cream, gel, spray, solution and orally (systemically) in the form of tablets. The main area of ​​application is in particular athlete's foot.

Lamisil Creme®

Lamisil as a treatment for athlete's foot

Lamisil cream® is used to treat various Yeast and skin fungi applied, among which the Athlete's foot the most famous is. As a result, she not only combats athlete's foot, but also donates enough humidity and relieves the symptoms of the fungus like Redness, itching, Vesicles and Flaking. The non-alcoholic Cream is especially for irritated foot skin suitable and builds the natural Skin barrier back on.
After the feet have been cleaned with warm water and a mild soap, a small amount of cream is applied to the affected area and the immediately surrounding areas. The cream is used for athlete's foot between the toes once a day for 7 days applied. It is important to adhere to the duration of use, as rapid symptom relief does not mean that the fungus has been completely fought immediately. If an application is forgotten, the treatment should be continued as soon as possible. So another transmission If athlete's foot is avoided on other parts of the body, hands should be washed thoroughly after using the cream. In very rare cases it occurs after use allergic reactions the skin due to an intolerance to the active ingredient. The affected area should then be cleaned with plenty of warm water and soap.

Lamisil Spray®

Lamisil® in the form of spray is particularly suitable for people who travel a lot or for athletes. Often the tubes with cream are squeezed off during transport or leak. Thus, the spray enables one easy application and cannot be pushed in either. The affected bodies must not touched and so your hands stay clean. Disinfect your hands accordingly after use not necessary. Another benefit of Lamisil spray® is that it can also be used by the elderly because of their Restriction of movement cannot get to their feet so easily. As with the cream, with athlete's foot the spray is only used between the toes once a day for 7 days sprayed on. It is advisable to clean the feet with warm water and a mild soap before using the spray. It is sprayed both on the affected area between the toes and on the surrounding areas. The spray pulls fast so that socks and shoes can be put on immediately after use.

Lamisil DermGel®

The Lamisil DermGel® is particularly suitable for those who have the Burn and itch does not subside between the toes. The gel works cooling and so also alleviates that itching as well as the existing ones Pain. At the same time, it also has the properties of a cream in that it cares for the irritated skin sufficiently humidity contains. The gel comes in a thin layer once a day for 7 days Applied between the toes and the surrounding areas. Before doing this, it makes sense to clean the feet with warm water and a mild soap. After applying the gel, the hands should be well disinfected so that a transmission of the fungus on other parts of the body is avoided. The gel not greasy and pulls fast a.

Lamisil Once®

Lamisil Once® is suitable for people who not daily want to cream or spray. Treatment is often stopped too quickly, with the Athlete's foot has not completely disappeared. Through the Single use with Lamisil Once® will the premature termination excludes athlete's foot treatment. Lamisil Once is enough® Apply between the toes and the surrounding areas. This then accumulates in the skin and fights up to 13 days the pathogen of the athlete's foot. Lamisil Once® becomes after showering or bathing your feet applied. Half of Lamisil Once® should be on the foot with the largest lesions be applied. With the rest of the content is additional the other foot treated even if there are no lesions. This is necessary because in 80% In most cases, both feet are infected with the fungus, even if the symptoms only occur on one foot.
The content will between, under and on all toes applied. Then the solution will be on the Sole of the foot as well as on Foot edge up to 1.5 cm applied high. Even if not necessarily visible, the fungal infection can spread to the entire foot, which is why it is important to distribute the contents over the entire foot. The Lamisil Once® got to evenly on both feet applied but not massaged in.
Before the socks and shoes are put on, one should 1-2 minutes wait until the medication is absorbed into the skin. After application, the hands should be washed and disinfected thoroughly, so that another transmission of the fungus on other parts of the body is avoided. The contents of the tube should be completely used up in one treatment.
24 hours after the treatment, the feet can be washed again. After a few days the symptoms should be like itch, Burn and Pain be relieved.
Lamisil Once® has such a short duration of use that after the application of the substance there is hardly any noticeable film that forms up to 4 days the active ingredient Terbinafine releases to the underlying skin layer. This accumulates in the affected skin, remains up to 13 days and works fungicidal.

Side effects by Lamisil Once® do not occur with most consumers. In very rare cases it occurs allergic reactions. In this case, the affected area should be washed with plenty of warm water and soap or medical alcohol should be used. If the skin on the feet appears dry after the treatment, a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted.
With the correct use of Lamisil Once® becomes the athlete's foot effectively fought and one re-infection up to 3 months prevented.

As part of a pregnancy or Lactation should be used before using Lamisil Once® a doctor should be consulted.

The athlete's foot is contagiousso that it is possible for other people to be infected even after the start of treatment. That is why it is important, in addition to strictly adhering to the Duration of use also others hygienic rules to be observed by e.g. Bathing shoes be worn in the swimming pool or swimming pools are best avoided entirely. Athlete's foot can also be prevented by exercising appropriate measures Foot hygiene respected and Socks, towels and Washcloth be changed regularly.

Lamisil Tablets®

Lamisil tablets® also contain the fungicidal Active ingredient Terbinafine, this in Salt form as Terbinafine chloride is applied. The tablets contain 125mg or 250mg Terbinafine as terbinafine chloride and the appropriate dose as well as the dosage form is determined by the doctor. Areas of application for the tablets are fungal infections of the Fingernails and toenails, by Dermatophytes are triggered as well severe fungal infections the feet (Tinea pedis) and the body (Tinea corporis) that cannot be adequately treated externally. At Yeast diseases of the skin (Candidiasis) are the tablets in contrast to the externally applied Lamisil® not effective.
Lamisil tablets® are prescription only and may only be used under medical advice. Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, the usual dose is used 1 tablet per daythat either In the morning or in the evening should be taken whole with sufficient liquid.The intake is independent of meals.
The Duration and dose the treatment are individually coordinated by the doctor. Treatment usually lasts if the nails are infected 3 months. If the skin of the foot, the entire body and the lower legs are affected, the duration of the treatment is 4-6 weeks. An overdose of tablets manifests itself through a headache, nausea, Upper abdominal pain. A doctor should be consulted with these symptoms. If the dose is forgotten, it should be taken as soon as possible. Is it just 4 hours until the next tablet is taken regularly no double dose be taken. It does not make sense to stop the treatment prematurely.
Because of lack of experience, children will not use Lamisil® treated. Particular caution is needed when patients are on a Kidney or liver disease Suffer. The tablets should definitely be discontinued if side effects such as Taste disorders, Changes in blood count or worsening skin reactions occur.