Side effects of Voltaren®


The Voltaren® preparation contains the active ingredient diclofenac, which is one of the so-called non-steroidal anti-rheumatics (NSAIDs). It is used for the external treatment of pain, swelling and inflammation, whereby it is used especially for diseases of the rheumatic type or movement-dependent pain.

Side effects

As with everyone else Medication also can when using Voltaren® Side effects occur. One distinguishes between:

  • very frequent (occurs in more than one in ten people treated),
  • frequent (between one in a hundred and one in ten people treated),
  • occasional (between one in a thousand and one in a hundred treated),
  • rare (at between one in ten thousand and one in a thousand) and
  • very rare (in less than one in ten thousand people treated) Side effects.

There Voltaren® exists in different versions (e.g. in the form of Systemic therapy tablets or as Voltaren pain gel for direct application on the skin), it should be noted that the type and frequency of side effects can vary.

Generally owns Voltaren® no very common side effects. Common side effects with topical application include Rashes and redness and itching, occasionally the skin dries out, Flaking or the storage of water (Edema). It rarely works skin rash with the formation of blisters and very rarely also sensitizations of the skin are described, which is noticeable in the fact that this is then over-sensitive to light and sometimes painful, pustular skin symptoms occur after exposure to sunlight.

Side effects of systemic ingestion

The Side effectsassociated with systemic ingestion of Voltaren® occur are others. Often there are states of excitement, dizziness or fatigue.
Also often leads Voltaren® to complaints of the gastrointestinal tract. This is because the enzyme which is inhibited by this drug and so the anti-inflammatory, pain reliever Causes effect, also occurs in the gastric mucosa.
There it is, however, a protective factor which, when inhibited, upsets the acid balance in the stomach. This often leads to stomach pain, Digestive problems, nausea (partly also with Vomit), diarrhea, Flatulence or loss of appetite.

However, these side effects can be counteracted relatively well by taking a tablet to protect the stomach (for example the Proton pump inhibitor omeprazole takes, this can even be done prophylactically if you know that it will be used for a long period of time Voltaren® will come) Besides, will still be a headache and an increase in liver enzymes (Transaminases) described.

Other side effects

Rarely brings the ingestion of Voltaren® worse gastrointestinal complaints.
These include, among other things Inflammation of the lining of the stomachBleeding (including bloody diarrhea or vomiting blood) or gastrointestinal ulcers.
Also hypersensitivity reactions or allergic reaction can rarely occur, which in the worst case even results in a drop in blood pressure State of shock can train.

Inflammation of the liver, possibly including one Jaundice, sometimes with malfunctions. This is because Voltaren® is metabolized in the liver. The risk of these side effects increases when other drugs are used that can potentially damage the liver or when an unhealthy one is used Consumption of alcohol present. Also can still Nettle rash (an inflammation of the skin with wheals), Hair loss or water retention in the tissue (Edema) arise.

Rare side effects

Very rarely there can be a large number of Side effects come, some of which are really only isolated cases. These include, for example, diseases such as:

  • Anemia
  • high blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Platelet deficiency
  • Pneumonia
  • asthma
  • constipation
  • Intestinal and Inflammation of the pancreas
  • acute kidney failure and many others.

For a complete list, you should always take a look at the package insert for the medication you are using.

Even with the local one application of Voltaren® it can occasionally too systemic side effects come.
This happens especially when the drug is used over a long period of time and / or over a large area.

Due to the possible side effects, there are some rules of conduct to be followed when using Voltaren® should pay attention to. Because of the frequent tiredness and dizziness after taking it, you should not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery.
Also, people should be anyway allergic reactions tend (e.g. people with hay fever, Hives, asthma or Neurodermatitis) especially with the local application of Voltaren® be extremely careful, even avoid them if possible.

If a patient is taking or applying Voltaren® If you notice any side effects, you should immediately consult a doctor or pharmacist, have them examined and seek advice on whether you should continue to use it, switch to another preparation or discontinue the drug altogether.