Neo Angin®


The throat tablets do not need to be prescribed by a doctor.

Neo Angin® are pharmacy-only but prescription-free throat tablets or lozenges with the active ingredients Amyl metacresol, Dichlorobenzyl alcohol and Levomenthol. All three ingredients are active in the throat and pharynx and develop their therapeutic effect here, which is why Neo Angin® throat tablets or lozenges are also used for diseases in the throat and / or pharynx. As the medication does not require a prescription, the patient can go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for advice on whether this Neo Angin® lozenge is a suitable medication.

Differences between lozenges, throat tablets, spray / ingredients

Neo Angin® are available in different dosage forms. The most common form of Neo Angin® are Lozenges or Throat tabletswhich can be melted in your mouth like ordinary candy. Sucking releases the ingredients in the throat and pharynx area, which then becomes a directly on site Relief of symptoms leads.

It is important that Neo Angin® throat tablets / lozenges different strengths gives. That means that from the ingredient Levomenthol different amounts are contained in the different copies of the lozenges. This leads to the Neo Angin® Throat tablets / lozenges, which contain more levomenthol, also have a stronger effect and should therefore not be taken as often.

More importantly, however, is the difference in that spray. The spray contains a much larger amount of the ingredients Dichlorobenzyl alcohol and Amyl metacresol than the throat tablets, but a significantly smaller amount of the ingredient Levomenthol. That is why it is important to refer to the different dosages to pay attention.

Above all, it is important to do the doctor or preferably on site pharmacist to ask which dosage and which dosage form he considers suitable.


The use of the Neo Angin® throat tablet lozenge is limited to the Nasopharynx. If there is an infection and the resulting inflammation, Neo Angin® throat tablets lozenge can help to alleviate and improve the symptoms. Mainly, Neo Angin® throat tablet lozenge serves as an accompanying measure for symptoms such as Sore throat, Redness and Swelling. These symptoms can occur in various diseases.

Depending on the severity of the disease and as needed Neo Angin® Throat tablet lozenge or that Nasal spray used differently. Even with one Tonsillitis Neo Angin® can be used in the form of lozenges or in the form of a spray.

Today's quick grip on antibiotic applies to Tonsillitis (Tonsillitis) meanwhile out of date. Patients can use Neo Angin® lozenges to relieve the symptoms of tonsillitis, which is why tonsillitis is common after 2 days going back. If, however, the inflammation progresses and becomes stronger Pus coverings the doctor should definitely be visited again so that he can initiate further measures. It is always important to consult your doctor or pharmacist. Unless otherwise prescribed or advised otherwise, the Neo Angin® throat tablets lozenges can be purchased for approx 3-5 days use, but not longer, even if there is no improvement.

The patient can (as long as he over 6 years old) take up to 6 tablets, which means that every 3 hours a Neo Angin® throat tablet lozenge can be taken (use is of course interrupted at night in order not to disturb healthy sleep).

However, should the patient have any Side effects, allergic reaction or experience other problems after using the lozenges, the treatment should not be continued, but rather discontinued and a doctor should be consulted.
Even with one Overdose the doctor should be consulted so that he can monitor the further course.

If the patient has forgotten to take a Neo Angin® throat tablet lozenge, he does not have to take a double dose but simply continues the treatment as if he had not forgotten a tablet. This can slightly affect the effect of the treatment, but an overdose can have worse consequences, which is why this should not be done.

Using the throat spray is a little more difficult than with the lozenges. Here should 2 shocks by means of the spray in the Throat / pharynx be handed in. It is important here that the patient Holding your breath. Like the throat tablets, the spray can be used up to six times a day for about 4 days can be applied.

Whether a patient decides for the spray or rather the Neo Angin® throat tablets lozenges is entirely up to the patient. Nevertheless, due to the different dosage of the ingredients, the procedure must be discussed with the doctor and / or the pharmacist so that the doctor is immediately informed of any side effects and can take appropriate measures


There are various contraindications for which the use of Neo Angin® is not recommended.

Neo Angin® should not be used in patients allergic react to one of the ingredients. Therefore it is important to know not only the active ingredients but also the ingredients that are contained in Neo Angin® "for taste". Even with one Fructose (Fructose) incompatibilityt Neo Angin® must not be taken.

Patients who are under a Glucose-galactose malabsorption or one Sucrose isomaltase deficiency, must refrain from using Neo Angin®.

It is also particularly important that patients who have a known Asthma have or others Respiratory diseasesin which the airways are overly sensitive should not take Neo Angin®, as this could lead to a Hypersensitivity reaction can come to the Bronchi contract and thus become one asthmatic attack with strong shortness of breath comes.

As it is for Children under 2 years also for Pregnant women and nursing mothers There are no studies that rule out a health risk, Neo Angin® must also not be used in these patients, as otherwise unforeseen reactions can occur.
Also at Children up to 6 years parents should consider whether to give the child Neo Angin®, as the manufacturer does not recommend taking it.

In addition to the absolute contraindications, there are also certain risk factors associated with Neo Angin®.
The lozenges contain right much sugar in the form of Fructose and must therefore be used by patients with the Diabetes (Diabetics) should be consumed with caution as one tablet approx 0.22 bread units (BU) contains. The spray has the advantage that it can be taken by diabetics without caution and does not contain any bread units.
For this, the spray contains compared to the lozenge alcohol (Ethanol), which is why it should not be used in children and patients with an alcohol problem.


Neo Angin® throat tablet Lozenge such as Neo Angin® spray are well-tolerated products that can be used with other drugs not interacting to step. Neo Angin® and the pill (oral contraceptives) can therefore be taken without problems without Neo Angin® affecting the effectiveness of the pill. However, the patient should remind themselves that although Neo Angin® and the pill can be taken together, the patient should click on one afterwards antibiotic change, this antibiotic can then impair the effect of the pill or cancel it completely. Also interactions with alcohol or one Driving impairment are not known, as a result of which the patient is not restricted in his job and leisure activities. Nevertheless, the patient should always report to the doctor if he is taking Neo Angin®, since the doctor is informed about any interactions or side effects and can act accordingly.

Side effects

In very rare cases, which means that one in 10,000 patients has this side effect, treatment with Neo Angin® develops one Irritation of the mucous membranes or to Stomach discomfort. They are even rarer but also more dangerous Hypersensitivity reactionsthat are similar to a allergy or a asthmatic attack can express. In this case, it is important to consult the doctor immediately or to call an emergency doctor and inform him that he is taking Neo Angin®. It is also important that, should any side effects occur treatment absolutely to interrupt is so that the side effects do not increase and get worse.

Neo Angin Dolo®

Neo Angin® Benzocaine Dolo is a drug which, in addition to the effects of Neo Angin®, also directly local numb the pain. This is of course very pleasant for the patient, since unpleasant sore throat and sore throat are thus complete stunned become. However, many doctors are reluctant to see the use of such tablets Neo Angin® Benzocaine Dolo in addition to numbing the pain, this however no therapeutic effect Has. In addition, the risk of side effects and hypersensitivity reactions increases Gagging and / or coughing reflexes thus easily decreased. It is therefore important to always discuss the treatment of this drug with the treating doctor.


Neo Angin® has a price of approx 4-6 € per packwho have favourited the pack of sugar-free lozenges however, it is almost twice as expensive, although the prices can vary slightly from pharmacy to pharmacy. The spray has a price of approx 5€. The price of Neo Angin® Benzocaine Dolo amounts, depending on the pharmacy, between 5-7€ per pack.