Novalgin and alcohol - are they compatible?


Novalgin® is a strong pain reliever that contains the active ingredient metamizole. This active ingredient is also under the name Novaminsulfone known. In addition to its pain-relieving properties, Novalgin® is also antipyretic. It is used for a wide variety of pain such as headache, tumor pain or colic-like pain. Novalgin® is a prodrug, which means that it must first be converted into the active substance in the body for its effect. This happens partly in the gastrointestinal tract, but mostly in the liver. Novalgin® is mainly excreted via the kidneys and urine, but a small part is also excreted via the liver and stool. Since Novalgin® can lead to serious side effects, it should not be taken for longer than a week.

Novalgin® and Alcohol - Interactions

As described above, Novalgin® is a Prodrug, which first has to be converted into the active substance 4-N-methylaminoantipyrine in the liver. Only then does the pain and fever lowering effect occur. There too alcohol after absorption into the body broken down in the liver and metabolized it can too Interactions between Novalgin® and alcohol come. So it can be for example Alcohol Intolerance Syndrome come.

Already at smallest amounts Alcohol occurs during Novalgin® therapy Tears in the eyes, Sneeze and one severe redness of the face. Such an alcohol intolerance can also be a sign of a Painkiller intolerance and should therefore always be with the treated Doctor discussed become.

Caution is advised if one Known alcohol intolerance is then that is risk for the development of the alcohol intolerance syndrome in connection with Novalgin® particularly high. In this case, a doctor should switch to one another pain medication be discussed.

Side effects

Since Novalgin® is broken down in the liver, it may interact with alcohol when taken.

In addition to the interactions with alcohol, Novalgin® has other serious side effectsthat can occur during therapy. The worst side effect is the sharp drop in a subspecies of white blood cells called the Granulocytes.
The clinical picture is also known as agranulocytosis. The granulocytes are broken down by the body's immune system and it happens Symptoms like fever and one general feeling of illness.

Later it comes to Cell death the skin and mucous membranes. When giving Novalgin® as an infusion, care must be taken that the infusion slowly is given, otherwise a increased risk for circulatory shock.

Furthermore, the Novalgin® therapy can lead to vomiting and nausea.

Can i drink alcohol?

During the Taking Novalgin® drops is also recommended in the instruction leaflet, on the intake of Refrain from alcoholbecause of interactions not excluded can be. Furthermore, the alcohol can die effect of the drug influence and change.

Therefore, it is recommended during therapy with Novalgin® to refrain from alcohol. The Ingestion Novalgin® should still not take place with an alcoholic drink and alcohol consumption should not be expected: alcohol is to be consumed on the same day not recommended.

Do Novalgin® drops contain alcohol?

Novalgin® is available in different forms. In addition to tablets, Novalgin® is also available as suppositories, infusion solutions, effervescent tablets or as drops. These Novalgin® drops are clear and have a yellowish color. In addition to the active ingredient metamizole, the drops contain the following substances: purified water, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium monohydrogen phosphate, saccharin sodium 2 H2O and half-and-half bitter essence.

This Components are no other drugs and have no other medicinal effects in the body. So the Novalgin® drops contain no alcohol!