Problems with learning

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Here you will find information about problems with learning. The focus is primarily on attention deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD, but language disorders, poor concentration and behavioral problems in children are also discussed.

Attention deficit disorder

The most famous attention deficit disorders are ADD attention deficit disorder and ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These are behavioral disorders that occur mainly in childhood and are characterized by poor concentration. With ADHD, there is also restlessness and hyperactivity.


Dyscalculia, i.e. weaknesses in numeracy and arithmetic, can be compensated for by integrative learning therapies. The disorder is a general, mathematical understanding problem that occurs independently of intelligence.


Dyslexia, also known as poor reading and writing skills, occurs more frequently in boys than in girls and is associated with difficulty writing and reading. Genetic and psychosocial causes are suspected, which lead to the functional impairment of the language center. Just like dyscalculia, dyslexia is independent of intelligence.

Speech disorders

The most well-known speech disorder is stuttering, where there is an interrupted flow of speech and, more often, repetitions of sounds and syllables. The problem usually occurs in phases, especially in children. A complication of the language disorder is impaired psychosocial development with decreased self-confidence.

Poor concentration

In the case of poor concentration, attention is limited and the person concerned cannot focus their awareness on certain content. In addition to the already mentioned attention deficit disorders ADD and ADHD, there are other diseases that can cause poor concentration. This includes a vitamin B12 deficiency such as an iron deficiency.

Behavioral problems in children

Behavioral problems in children can sometimes be noticed in kindergarten or not until school age. An increased restlessness together with fidgety, aggression or physical violence towards other children as well as increased withdrawal or shyness are considered behavioral.


Giftedness is usually associated with increased intelligence, which can be determined using an intelligence test. This talent can be limited to certain areas or be present in several areas of learning and life. A gifted person requires a certain level of support, on the one hand concentration games can be used.

The school enrollment

Starting school is an important life event for children and parents. At the beginning of the school career, it is important to determine whether the child has reached a real emotional and cognitive maturity, which is necessary for starting school. For this purpose, there are certain school enrollment tests that can decide whether the child needs additional support.