Denture cleaning device with ultrasound

Cleaning of dentures

Removable dentures in the form of a Partial or full denture needs a thorough and careful care to protect the remaining teeth and the mucous membrane. Inadequately cared for prostheses promote the accumulation of Dental plaque and Tartar. This encourages the colonization of bacteria and fungi, which negatively affect it Bad breath and affect oral health. Careful hygiene is therefore a must for all prosthesis wearers.

The removable dentures should thus rinsed under clean water after each meal and freed from leftover food become.
The prosthesis should be used at least once a day, but better twice a day cleaned with a toothbrush and appropriate detergent become. Care should be taken that no toothpaste with abrasive ingredients is used. Furthermore there is special denture brushesspecially designed for the Denture cleaning designed.

Denture cleaning devices with ultrasound

An additional cleaning option beyond that is a Ultrasonic denture cleaning device.
This special Denture cleaning devices are often used in dental laboratories or dental practices. They exist but also for domestic use to buy.
The prosthesis comes in a Cleaning bath made from water and special cleaning additives and then this liquid is mixed vibrated by ultrasound (Note: Ultrasound is sound above the hearing frequency range with a frequency of 16kHz or more). Be through the ultrasound smallest air bubbles generated, which produce the smallest pressure waves again when they collapse. Through this mixture of air bubbles and sound waves Dental plaque, tartar and discoloration are gently removed from the denture.
Of the Cleaning additive has the task Soften tartar and discolorationso that they can be replaced more easily.
Cleaning in such a prosthesis cleaning device is as in addition to manual cleaning to watch.
With regular use, it can lengthen or cancel the cleaning interval through professional cleaning in a dental laboratory or at your general practitioner dentist. A professional denture cleaning is always a private service and must therefore be paid for yourself.

Ultrasound-based denture cleaning devices start at around € 50, although the cleaning effect of the very affordable devices is often cautious.


In summary, it can be said that an ultrasonic-based denture cleaning device is a good additional hygiene measure that can extend the durability of a prosthesis and improve the individual wearing comfort. Such a device but never completely avoids daily manual maintenance.