Acid-base diet

What is the acid-base diet?

The concept of the acid-base diet is based on the classification of foods according to their acidic and basic effects. It is believed that there is often an imbalance in the body. It is believed that the so-called PH value is too low in many parts of the body. According to the diet model, there would be an excess of acids in the body, which could lead to so-called "hyperacidity" (see also: Acidosis). It is believed that this "over-acidification" has an impact on the health and weight of the body. This is not about whether certain foods taste acidic or basic, but about their effect in the body. For example, lemons are an alkaline food according to the diet concept. The classification is based on how the ingredients of the food work in the body when it is broken down and broken down. So can Sour-tasting foods have basic effects and vice versa.

Course of the diet

According to the diet concept, the ingested food should be exhausted 80% of so-called Base builder and from 20% of so-called Acid generator consist. The acid-base diet lasts overall four weeks. It is divided into three phases.

  • The first phase lasts one week and includes Soup fasting. In this phase, (alkaline) soups are on the diet three times a day.
  • The second phase lasts 14 days. The diet is through at this stage vegetable food characterized.
  • In the third phase will after the 70/30 rule followed. That means it should 70% base builder and 30% acid generator be ingested with food. In this phase, the last week of the acid-base diet, mainly base ingredients are on the menu.

Acid-base diet for rheumatism

According to some authors, be that pH value in rheumatic joint diseases is lower in the joints than in healthy joints. The lower a pH value, the more the acid part seems to predominate. According to some authors, this means that the fluid in the joint space is more acidic. It is believed that this acidic liquid causes pain. It is believed that a alkaline diet can reduce pain. Accordingly, some authors recommend an acid-base diet followed by a change in diet for rheumatic joint diseases. These assumptions are controversial.

Acid-base diet for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is still relatively unexplored. It could so far scientifically no well-founded connections between an over-acidosis or acidosis and osteoarthritis. But with the gout, which is counted as an inflammatory form of osteoarthritis or arthritis, connections can be recognized. With gout, the so-called Uric arthritis, it occurs due to impaired kidney function or an overproduction of uric acid Uric acid accumulation in the body. These so-called uric acid crystals can accumulate in the joints and trigger inflammatory and painful processes. Proteins are converted into uric acid in the body. High protein foods like fat, alcohol and flesh therefore contribute to increased uric acid formation.

Which foods are used?

There are tables in which the foods are classified according to their basic and acidic properties that they have in the body. For example, there are many Fruits and vegetables as bases be seen, the acid-base diet plan contains lots of fruits and vegetables. fish and meat become the Acid generators counted and therefore they are low in the acid-base diet plan.

The contents of the Tables however, differ with different authors. The selection of suitable foods is influenced, for example by the respective definition of the base generator. Some authors over-define these two propertiesothers, however, order them 8 properties to. Accordingly, for example, beer, nut nougat cream or ice cream can appear as base builders in some tables. While in tables in which base formers have to meet 8 requirements, other foods are suggested accordingly.

also dairy products are rated differently. In some acid-base diet plans they are counted among the acid formers and are correspondingly low in the menu. Other authors rate dairy products as neutral and, accordingly, they can be consumed without restriction.

Side effect of diet

A sudden change the diet can overwhelm the body. So it can too a headache or Circulatory problems come. The sudden and long-term avoidance of certain food components can also lead to so-called "Food cravings" to lead. Since dairy products are counted as acid builders in some acid-base diet plans, this can be too Bone and dental problems to lead. In addition, if the body suffers too little permanently, it can have further effects on the body calcium is added.

Criticism of the diet

The conventional medical knowledge about the acid-base balance do not agree with the assumptions of the Acid-base diet models match. According to conventional medical knowledge, it is assumed that the body itself is able to create an acid-base balance. It is assumed that a so-called acid-base buffer system can provide a physiological balance. The body has a for this chemical buffer system and an organic system which consists of lung and kidney is formed. It is believed that the body is capable of exhaling excess acids through the lungs or excreting it through the kidneys. Overacidification of the blood can only occur if this buffer system no longer functions properly due to illnesses or disorders in the body. However, this so-called acidosis urgently requires medical treatment.

However, some authors of acid-base diets suggest that they are “Hyperaciditynot the medically defined acidosis say. In their opinion, it comes between the areas of conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine at this point Misunderstandings, due to the same use of terms with different definitions.

What are the risks / dangers of this diet?

Every human body carries out its own metabolic processes individually. Consequently every organism reacts on different ingredients of food differently and processes them individually. In addition, other factors influence the way in which each individual organism reacts to certain foods.

Accordingly, each harbors diet the risk that the appropriate nutrients are not added to the individual organism. This individual deficiency or individual excess can result in different physical and also mental ailments demonstrate. So, physical pain and problems of various kinds can arise as well Concentration and Attention problems. Also, an inconsistent nutrient supply can affect your mood as well Psyche of the person concerned impact. At worst, you can permanent consequential damage and Secondary diseases result.

Where can I find good recipes for the acid-base diet?

There are numerous recipes in Books, in Magazines and online in Internet. Since the needs of the body are individual, as are the tastes, it is difficult to classify certain recipes as good or not so good. In recipes that consistently contain similar foods and completely omit others, there is a risk that certain nutrients will be missing in the long run. On the other hand, one or the other does not like or tolerate certain foods, so some recipes would be correspondingly unfavorable.

How much can I / should I lose weight with this form of diet?

Whether and how much can and should be lost with the acid-base diet is depending on various factors. Depending on how much the one previously weighedhow the individual constitution is and how that nutrition before was weight loss should individually be adjusted. Losing weight too quickly can have fatal health consequences. If too much weight is lost overall, it can also cause enormous damage to health.

How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

The best way to prevent the yo-yo effect is to rearrange and adjust the diet so that it is suitable for the individual Body is consistent. When the organism dies nutrient that he needs, for example, "food cravings" are low. These "food cravings" contribute to a yo-yo effect. But sudden changes in diet can also trigger yo-yo effects, as the metabolism has to adjust accordingly. Hence it is permanent slow change in diet, which contains all the important nutrients and is individually tailored, advisable. Also bend sufficient exercise and Stimulation the body's own so-called "Happiness hormones“A yo-yo effect.

Medical evaluation of the diet by

Since the acid-base diet contains many healthy foods and does not include fats and calories, it is basically one balanced diet Near. Consequently, it could support the immune system and general health. However there is enormous differences among different authorsso that some nutrients are too few or even missing in some menus. In the long run, this can cause serious damage to health. Then there are the general dangers and risks of dieting. If an acid-base diet is to be taken, team to discuss this with a doctor you trust. A permanent, adapted diet change in combination with Move and intellectual such as physical compensationshould be sought.

What alternative diets are there to the acid-base diet?

There is a large number of different diets and within these there are a multitude of variations. Just as the acid-base diet concept is not uniformly defined, so are many other diet concepts shown differently. Furthermore, it is difficult to recommend a standard diet for an individual organism. Each diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Since there is a yo-yo effect in most diets, the results are only moderate. A permanent changeover the diet, if applicable with medical assistance is often more effective.

What are the costs of an acid-base diet?

The cost of the acid-base diet can be inexpensive to very expensive be. In some acid-base diet plans, many organic products are recommended, so the food is more expensive than in the recipes in which this is left open. Some acid-base diet concepts also include the intake of certain preparations, which, depending on the provider, can cause quite a bit of costs.

How can I still deacidify?

In many fasting cures, a so-called "deacidification" can take place according to fasting concepts. However, this can also have side effects, dangers and yo-yo effects. One thing is important individual approach and at best one medical support. Furthermore, some authors recommend "deacidification" nutritional base powder and basic teas. Furthermore, according to some authors, a basic body care, general massages, but also Dry brush massages counteract "acidity". In addition, some authors recommend so-called holistic basic minerals for "deacidification". In addition, an adequate amount of exercise and sport, as well as a sauna, alkaline baths and breathing exercises for "correct" breathing should counteract hyperacidity.