Pubic hair removal with instructions


Pubic hair removal is the removal of hair in the genital area, which is a common method, especially before operations, but also in everyday life.

Pubic hair removal has the advantage that during an operation the surgeon has direct access without hair getting in the way, which represents a higher risk of infection and also obstructs the view. Therefore, pubic hair removal is mandatory before an operation in the area of ​​the genital area.

From a private perspective, pubic hair removal is a matter of taste. The advantage of pubic hair removal is, on the one hand, that the smooth surface prevents germs from getting caught in the hair, which makes washing the genital area much easier. Nevertheless, it should be said that the hair also fulfills a certain protective function and should prevent bacteria and other germs from penetrating the genital area.

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Instructions for pubic hair removal in women

There are no precise instructions for performing pubic hair removal, rather there are various possibilities and techniques for pubic hair removal.

First, the most common method of pubic hair removal should be presented, this is the so-called Wet shave. A razor is used for a wet shave, which should adapt to the contours of the genital area as well as possible, since this is one highly sensitive area which requires a well-adapted shave. First of all, the area that you want to shave must be included Shaving gel or shaving foam be rubbed in. Depending on your skin type, you can use different types of shaving gel or shaving foam, but it is advisable to use one Shaving foam without additives, so without perfume or alcohol to use as these only unnecessarily irritate the genital area. For pubic hair removal, there is usually special shaving foam, which you then apply to the genital area either with a sponge or by hand. Since it is a wet shave, you should have washed the area with water beforehand, here too, either washing with one is recommended fragrance-free sensitive washing gel or you just wash the genital area with water, which is actually more hygienic, since you have the Flora of the intimate area not destroyed. The shaving foam is applied to wet skin during a wet shave. You can now use the razor to gently cut your hair without applying too much pressure initially in the direction of growth shave. Especially when removing pubic hair for the first time, you should follow the instructions and only shave in the direction of growth. If you have already shaved your genital area several times, you can easily shave against the direction of growth, depending on the hair structure. It is always important to pay attention to any skin reactions. If it starts to bleed, you either pressed the razor too tightly against the skin or your hair was not made supple enough beforehand.

Antibacterial aftershave balms can also help disinfect and soothe the skin. This is especially true after hair removal. One example of this is the Dr. Severin Body After-Shave Balm from the pharmacy.

As already mentioned, there is no single guide to pubic hair removal. There are patients who prefer a full intimate shave, but you can also skip certain areas or just shave the sides. How to proceed is up to you. With the wet shave it is now important to remove the remaining foam With remove lukewarm water and then gently dry the shaved genital area and then with a soothing after-shave balm to apply cream. Then you shouldn't wear clothing that rubs too much on the pubic hair removal area, so it is advisable to do the pubic hair removal if possible in the evening because you go to sleep afterwards and the skin is not unnecessarily irritated.

There are other options for pubic hair removal in women Epilation or that Outgrown. Both techniques remove hair for a long time, mostly up to 3 weeksbecause the Hair at the root be uprooted. However, this also leads to when removing greater pain. You use one for epilation commercially available epilators. Before doing this, you should try to keep your hair as good as possible Let grow 3 days so that the epilator can also grasp the pubic hair. Many patients find it more comfortable if they first clean the genital area and pubic hair washed and then showered with ice cold water to have. Afterwards, however, the genital area must completely dried off become. Only now can the patient begin epilating, and one if possible low speed level to choose and not to be too hectic. After pubic hair removal by means of epilation, you can look at the genital area again wash softly to really remove all hair that may still be loosely on top and then with a soothing After-shave balm apply lotion. Here too, pubic hair removal should be carried out in the evening if possible, when the patient no longer wears any abrasive clothing.

It is important epilation, which you can do yourself at home, from electroepilation. In the Electroepilation it is a pubic hair removal that is carried out exclusively by dermatologists or beauticians. Here, too, the pubic hair is removed using an epilator, only that the hair roots are destroyed by the additional electrical function so that no more hair can grow back.

It works in a similar way Laser technology. This type of pubic hair removal also permanently destroys the hair roots, which means that no more hair can grow back and the patient no longer has to remove pubic hair afterwards.

Pubic hair removal by means of waxing out is not quite as tedious, but still very effective. Theoretically, this can also be carried out by the patient at home, but better results are achieved if you go to a beautician and they carry out the pubic hair removal with professional guidance. However, you can also buy so-called dewaxing strips yourself, distinguishing between cold wax strips and warm wax strips. Cold wax strips are simply placed on dry skin, warm wax strips must first be heated so that the wax becomes soft and adapts better to the skin. The latter is definitely more effective, but also requires more time and a certain skill. When removing pubic hair using wax, the skin should be as dry as possible and the pubic hair should not have been shaved or trimmed for about 3-4 days so that it has an optimal length. Now the wax strips are placed on the genital area and smoothed out on the skin so that the hair sticks well in the wax. Then the strip is removed as quickly and jerkily as possible against the direction of growth. In order to keep the pain as low as possible, you can immediately place your flat hand firmly on the area that has just been dewaxed. The pressure eases the pain slightly. Since most patients themselves cannot remove the wax strip as quickly as it would be, it is better to have this method of depilation carried out with the help of a beautician. In general, dewaxing should also be carried out in the evening if possible and the skin should then be treated with a soothing oil cloth (usually included in the depilatory cream packs).

A final method is probably the simplest but sometimes also the most harmful variant. This is pubic hair removal using a depilatory cream. To do this, the depilatory cream is applied to damp or dry skin (depending on the pack and manufacturer) and then the cream has to be left on for about 5 minutes. The hair structure is attacked by various ingredients in the cream and the hair simply falls off. After 5 minutes you run a kind of spatula over the skin and you can remove the hair. This type of pubic hair removal is certainly very simple and definitely the least painful, but the ingredients in the cream are harmful in the long term for the sensitive skin in the genital area and should therefore not be used permanently, as they can also lead to allergic reactions and the flora the vagina can sometimes change significantly, which in turn can cause fungal infestation and the like.

The IPL technology is a cheaper alternative to laser treatment and enables permanent hair removal. Even in the genital area. Find out more at: Permanent Hair Removal With IPL - What To Look For!

Pubic hair removal with instructions for men

The instructions for pubic hair removal in men are basically similar to those in women. Men can also make use of various options, with dry and wet shaving being the most popular and common. Here, the man should pay attention to the appropriate razor choice, so do not use a disposable razor but a razor with long hair removal function and a razor that adapts to the contours of the man and does not cause any problems even with sensitive structures such as the testicles. An electric razor should be used for dry shaving.The skin should be dry and the hair should not have been shaved for 2 days if possible. Then the man can remove his hair in the genital area as he likes, paying attention to any irritation and then possibly stopping pubic hair removal or choosing the wet shave. With a wet shave, the man can also apply a shaving foam to the wet skin, which makes the hair smoother and easier to grasp. After pubic hair removal, a soothing after-shave should be used in both cases, if possible without perfume or other additives.

The IPL technology is a cheaper alternative to laser treatment and enables permanent hair removal. Even in the genital area. Find out more at: Permanent Hair Removal With IPL - What To Look For!